The #800gChallenge

A prebuilt Nutrition Challenge designed for Gym Owners.

Get your members to think differently about healthy eating without strict rules and obsessive dieting.

What is

the #800g


The #800gChallenge is a nutrition challenge without the obsessive rules.

OptimizeMe Nutrition & Triib gym software have partnered to give gym owners an all-inclusive, plug & play nutrition challenge they can run at their own facility with a prebuilt toolkit and expert guidance. Participants eat 800 grams of fruits or vegetables. All fruits, all vegetables, low-carb, high-carb—doesn’t matter! It’s up to the athlete. How much is 800 grams? It’s about a standard dinner plate or 6 cups. Participants can continue to eat whatever else they want. Nothing is eliminated during the challenge!

What you get As A Gym Owner

We know that running nutrition challenges is a lot of work, so we made it easy! OptimizeMe Nutrition provides the educational content and all the leaderboard tracking will be handled on the Triib platform.

Get an all-inclusive, pre-built nutrition challenge you can sell to your members!

  • Content calendar & instructions – An overview of exactly what YOU need to do onsite.
  • All promotional materials – Sign-up social media posts (5), live webinars (2), a blog post, info flyers (2)
  • All education materials – Weekly blog post & social media post during the challenge.

Gain access to all the training and support you need to run the #800gChallenge at your gym.

  • Triib Nutrition Challenge Software  – Pre-setup for you with live webinar and educational support.
  • Expert guidance – An expert on your side! OptimizeMe Nutrition educational webinars, weekly blog posts and tips,  all aimed at helping your challenge be a success!
  • Closed Facebook community group

Triib’s all-inclusive platform allows you to invite, excite, and communicate all from one place.

  • Plug & play – Your challenge platform is ready to go, right out of the gate.
  • Easy-to-use tools – Headache-free scoring allows gym admins and staff the ability to track the leaderboard, control and verify scoring, send emails, all while allowing your members to record scores right from their phone.


Gym Owner Registration Closes In:








We loved the #800gChallenge.

We’ve never been comfortable with the dogma in the nutrition scene, so this was a breath of fresh air.


The most veggies we’ve ever eaten 🙂

Participant performance in the gym has skyrocketed (including mine).



$199/per Gym

One-time payment. Simple and straightforward.

Decide if and what to charge members to participate, turning the Challenge into a revenue driver!

Ready to Get Started?

Sign up and get your community buzzing.

Sign up your gym

Easy sign up means everything you need is ready for you.

Get Sign Ups

With 1-on-1 expert help & materials from OptimizeMe Nutrition, you’ve got the promotional tools to drive interest in the challenge and get members to sign up!

Get Growing

The Triib platform/app handles it all including email communications, scoring, and leaderboard tracking.

Watch your community come together!