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Flat-rate pricing with no hidden fees.

Additional sales tax may apply.

Getting new software shouldn’t be scary. Rest easy with our 30-Day Guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied during your first 30 days on the platform. We’ll refund you you’re money. Your happiness comes first.


Per transaction rates

2.9% +30c CARDS | 1.5% + 30c ACH

We make the transfer easy

Our ‘No-Hassle Onboard’ is completely FREE and ensures your member data transfers smoothly and safely.

Triib Transfer


Customer feedback drives our product innovations forward. This connection helps build the tools & services you need now and tomorrow.

“It’s the only gym management system that allows me to take care of everything in one place. As fitness evolves, so does Triib.”

Justin shaffer

2019 10 04 Owner

“Triib takes care of it all so I can take care of my members.”

Austin malleolo

2019 10 04 Head coach, reebok global HQ founder, HAM Plan Programing

“It’s the little details that are challenging in a gym – like members signing-up or signing in. Triib has made that process A LOT easier.”

Erica snyder

2019 10 04 Head coach,ONE Nation Fitness

Answers to Your Questions

What if I have to transfer member data?

We pride ourselves on no-hassle onboard experience. Your dedicated onboard manager handles the entire process for you ensuring your member data is complete and accurate before going live.

Will my gym memberships and classes remain?

Of course! For a seamless transition, we make sure everything remains unchanged from your previous setup!

I will have questions. What if I have A LOT of questions?

During the sales & trial process, our sales team has your back! During onboarding, your dedicated onboard manager will be your #1 go-to for all answers and resolutions!

How long will the process take?

Short answer: as long or as little as you’d like. Typically anywhere from a 3 – 10 days depending on the size of your gym and your schedule!

What if I don’t love the platform?

We’re not in the business of trapping folks. If you don’t love Triib, for any reason, at any time, you can simply cancel. No fees. No contracts.

Is my data secure?

Absolutely. Your privacy and data security is a top priority of ours. We protect your info every step of the way.

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