Get results from your business.

Manage your gym, excite your members, and create a thriving fitness community, all from one platform.

get your time back with Triib affiliate gym software

Get Your Time Back

We’re not just software. We’re your partner in growth.

Everything under the hood is built optimize your day-to-day, saving you time, money, & effort.

Get out from under all the administrative work and back into the box.

  • Automation

    Finish your daily tasks quicker. From sending client reminders & confirmations to coordinating free trials and welcome emails.

  • Reports

    Track your sales & revenue, attendance, retention levels, and much more. Gain the insight you need to manage your gym, your staff, and your members.

  • Community

    Strengthen the bonds in your community with Triib’s integrated communication platform & social tools. Keep everyone on the same page & never lose a beat.

  • Marketing Tools

    Attract & retain new customers with our suite of marketing tools like our online free trial & drop-in forms and user-friendly email lead management system.



Expand your reach, engage your current members, and build your fitness community.

Triib Gym Management Software Dashboard

Easy Signup

30-second signup forms get new members setup fast and keep them organized in one place

Amazing Member Experience

Delight members with custom emails tailored to specific membership plans or packages

Use Events To Grow

Triib Events comes with all subscriptions and allows you to run your own gym competitions, seminars and online challenges!

Ready to Get Started?

Connect with us and let’s see how Triib can help you.

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“TRIIB has streamlined my CrossFit business and daily tasks. Everything is covered, from walk-ins to complex programming and billing data, it’s all wrapped into one system. It’s a must for any box owner!”

John Duncan

CrossFit Tuff

What our gyms say about us:

  • “We switched over today and I was initially worried about the transition and leaving a system I knew. Your team was so amazing and everything was so smooth & solid. We love it here! Home run!”
  • “Triib helps me stay on top of my business & manage it effectively. Our gym just runs much better with it.”
    J.C. DEL REAL, Owner & Coach Reebok / CrossFit ONE Nation
  • “Using Triib has really helped our gym manage the day to day nuts & bolts which is critical. It’s online communication tools & app has allowed our community to really connect & build deeper relationships which is truly priceless.”
    JUDD XAVIER, Owner & Coach / CrossFit Silicon Valley
  • “Triib makes managing my memberships so easy, so that I can focus on building relationships with our Training Yard community in person rather than being stuck in front of a computer.”
    BECCA VOIGT, Owner & Coach / CrossFit Training Yard