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We’d like to introduce the first of our “Triib of the Month” case studies.  Your success is our Triib community success, so we want to share tips and stories that will help your gym thrive.  This week we share a case study of how the world-class CrossFit affiliate, Reebok CrossFit One, switched from Wodify to Triib to help build greater community engagement.

Austin Malleolo uses Triib at his gyms and worked with us to bring Triib to Reebok CrossFit One (RCF1) at the Reebok World Headquarters in Canton, MA.

RCF1 is home to over 500 athletes from the Reebok community. Their members are the same people who envision, design, and bring to life the CrossFit footwear and apparel we all love. From CEOs to interns, RCF1 members build their bonds through the pursuit of fitness and the love for CrossFit. This is a tight group and the introduction of new software has to enhance an already strong community.

The Requirements:

Currently on Wodify, Austin shared, “The biggest challenge in switching the software is making sure we can bring over everyone’s personal performance data and showing members how easy Triib is to use.”  In addition, the Reebok CrossFit One team challenged us to prove that Triib could help them operate more efficiently as a gym and make their members more engaged.  Five of the top requirements from the Reebok One team were:

  • Easy fully-integrated programming and class/resource scheduling
    – It’s a busy gym with lots of coaches and programming tracks
  • Comprehensive performance tracking
    – Ease of input of their members’ performance history was critical
  • Community engagement with cross-platform integrated blogging
    – Entering performance in a single place and have it appear in leaderboards across the platform (gym screens, app, and website) was a big win
  • Improved experience for members and coaching staff
    – Intuitive interfaces and clean presentation of data on the gym screens
  • Automated communications and contracts
    – They get a ton of visitors and need to handle that process cleanly

The Onboarding Process:

The Triib onboarding team worked with Austin and his staff to get them up to speed quickly. The onboarding process only took a few hours. We educated the team on the most used features:

  • Developing programming and scheduling classes
  • Integrating features such as calendar, WOD, and member blog with their website
  • Tracking class registration and class performance with the gym screens
  • Logging in and performance entry for members
  • How to use the system automations for visitors and memberships

One important issue was porting over years of performance history from their older Wodify platform. Triib was able to move over all member performance history without any data loss. All the members were able to access their past performance on the 1RM front squat that day as they checked into class.

Reebok CrossFit One also wanted to utilize their investment in the existing gym TV screens for member data entry and leaderboards.

 Triib provided a perfect solution to keep our membership engaged.

The screens were a big hit with the members – checking out the leaderboards right after a particularly nasty WOD.

RCF1 also took advantage of Triib’s recently released ability to integrate the calendar, WOD, member WOD performance logging, and blog functionality into their website to help bring their community together on a single platform.

The Results:

The conversion went seamlessly. The members were all impressed by the gym screen system and integrated app (many were adding their pictures to the screens from the app with their phones). The new app is available for Android early this week and Apple later this week!

They were excited with the new capabilities of the system. We got a lot of “very cool!” comments from the members and several from the staff:

I’m going to dig into Triib’s programming and scheduling tools. This will make my job easier and give me more time out on the floor with our members.

Our members are all over the leaderboards and performance tracking features. I love the excitement and these tools will give us great insights to help our members.

We’re a tight crowd here at the Box, but I like that now all our community engagement efforts can be done in one platform. Love the new features!

As athletes and business owners we are never done improving. We can always be better, stronger, and more efficient. The Triib team is always available to help trouble shoot or spot you as you try something new. When we ended the onboarding, Austin said it best: “Guys, the Triib support team is great at helping resolve issues. Anytime you have a question, shoot them an email. I know from experience, they are ALWAYS there to help.”

It was a great time with the Reebok CrossFit One crew rolling out the first set of new Triib community building features.

Contact us today to explore how Triib can help you manage and grow you gym community like we helped Reebok CrossFit One!



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