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Member experience is no longer taking place solely at your gym, studio, health club or fitness center. Gym management software is so advanced that it can not only track important business data, but it can also strengthen your community. Moreover, gym software mobile apps make it easy for your members to stay connected outside of the gym!

We’re excited to share a sneak peek of the first release of our new and improved Triib Mobile App! We’re certain that these advancements and updates will streamline your business efforts and impress your members. We’ve added new features and updated the design which will boost your member experience and allow you to connect with your members like never before.

The goal of this initial release, slated for launch this October, is to get the core set of functionality out to our user base as quickly as possible. After this first release we will be making many more updates to the mobile experience by releasing new features on a regular basis, focusing on smaller, incremental releases based on the feedback we have received from our amazing Triib Community.


What’s awesome about the new mobile app?

We’ve upgraded everything about our mobile app; a complete redesign, tons of updates, and new functionality for an improved user experience for both admins and members.

Check out the previews below of some of the many new looks and features coming your way soon!

How will the new mobile app benefit me?

At your desk or on-the-go, the Triib Mobile App gives you and your members access to tracking programming and performance, communication, membership management, event management, and more! Admins can quickly access member billing, profile info, payment data, as well as class management and programming for their members. Members have the ability to search and update their performance history.

Triib’s new Mobile App will allow for even more ease of use for admins and members within our all-in-one gym software solution! Both gym owners and their members will love the fact the updated mobile app is modern, intuitive and user-friendly. Gym owners have the same reliable gym management in the palm of their hand with a multitude of new improvements to the following:

• Configuration Capabilities
• Class Management
• Class Scheduling
• Workout Tracking
• And Much More!

1. Highlight Your Value

The new class detail page allows you to tell a better story: get a glimpse into the class with a ‘hero’ image, where it’s being coached (for facilities with multiple rooms), who’s coaching, what the class is all about, and class capacity. Admins will now be able to toggle on/off the ability to let members see who’s checked in to class. Personalize your classes to inform and excite your members!

Adding these details to your classes is simple, and adds a personal touch that goes a long way in terms of member experience.

2. Class Management

The class details screen is one of the more important screens as this is where members will go to RSVP or check into a class from the mobile app. Members will be able to read a description of what they’re in store for, who’s coaching, how many spots are left, and where the class is being held. Further, members can tap on a coach’s profile and read more about them. They can also either check-in or reserve their spot as well as join a waitlist if the class is full.

For the admins/coaches, we’ve updated the design and user experience for viewing who’s reserved, checked in, or waitlisted for a class. Coaches can add a member to a class, update their status, or remove them entirely.

3. Class Scheduling

Admins and members can also view the class schedule from a day or month perspective including the time, length and location of the class as well as who’s coaching it.

Additionally, members will get a better view of their fitness journey through the new calendar app; view how many classes they’ve checked into and previous scored workouts.

3. Workout Tracking

We’ve completely overhauled every aspect of this feature and we’re so excited to share it with you. The admin side of the workout builder will have a wide range of options when entering programming for workouts and classes. Moreover, admins will have more advanced capabilities to embed images and videos into workouts. These advancements will allow Triib users to go beyond words to show your members how movements should be performed.

Admins and members alike will also enjoy the updated design experience with the leaderboard; liking workout results and sending messages!

Launching in October

There are tons of great details that will be coming out over the next few weeks including tutorials, deep-dives, and detailed overviews as Triib’s new mobile app launches. We’re so excited to bring an improved mobile experience to Triib to help you delight your members and run your business successfully.

As always, shoot us a note below with any feedback and send any questions to!


Want more exclusive information?

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