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Our Customer Promise

We’re more than just gym management software. So we wrote down how we think about our customers, how you can expect to be treated, & where we’ll contribute to your gym’s growth story.

1.) Do what is right, even if it’s not easy

We’re laser-focused on our beliefs, what we want to accomplish, and how we’re going to treat our customers. From clear pricing – with no hidden fees – to the way we design the platform, we’re committed to doing what’s right for our customers.

2.) Community-driven listeners

We believe a strong fitness business is built on an engaged member community. This is true for Triib as much as anyone. We’re committed to staying closely connected to our customers, always listening to your feedback and letting it maximize the value of the tools we’re building.

3.) Transparency for the win

We own our mistakes. (we’re human!) Our customers don’t get the canned PR version of what’s happening at Triib. When we get ready to launch new features, we notify our exclusive community of customers first.

4.) Challenge the Status Quo, And Ourselves

We believe in doing things differently. For our customers who started businesses because they knew there was a better way to lead others into healthier, happier lives, we intend to do the same with our platform. We’ll never settle or be complacent with ‘how it’s always been done’. By consistently challenging ourselves and listening to our customers, we’ll deliver platform innovations that will drive you forward.

5.) Partners, not just providers ™️

We’re growing our business in parallel with our amazing customers. Because we believe in aligning our goals with you, we really are your partners on this journey, not just software providers. To prove it, we’ve invested heavily in having the best customer success ranking in the industry, access to your own personal account calls, and ongoing education & strategy content for our all customers.

6.) World-class support

We believe every question needs prompt responses. Even though everyone says ‘it won’t scale’ we’re committed to getting your needs met as fast as possible. This means same-day responses during normal business hours.

7.) Leading from the front

We’re innovators with a proven commitment to your fitness community. We’ve demonstrated this by introducing tools like Kiosk for point-of-sale purchases, simplified monthly bill aggregation, and integrated events & competitions into the market before anyone else. We’ll lead — not by shouting about having the ‘BEST’ tool or feature every chance we get — but by implementing the RIGHT tools ahead of trends.

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