Frequently Asked Questions


Below you will find the most frequently asked questions regarding the use of Triib.
Please check here often as we will be regularly updating the FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a membership to someone’s account?
Create a profile for them in Triib from Members -> Add New Member
Go to their profile and click the billing tab
Click the green “add membership” button and fill in the required fields
The membership payment will then process the following morning in batch processing if they have a payment method stored, or you can use the “Full Process Now” button at the bottom of the invoice if they have a payment method on file.
Or, you can have them signup for their membership themselves by:
Go to Memberships -> Membership Plans and edit the plan you want to sell online
Check the “allow online signup” box and click save.
Visit your signup page at
You can link that to your website and have new members sign up from that page!

What is the best way to set up our On-Ramp/Foundations memberships?
At TRIIB, we suggest that you set up your foundations/on-ramp memberships as attendance packs.
Because these programs typically last only a few weeks, or potentially a month, a one-time charge is the better option here. What this does is it allows you to add the attendance pack to the member’s account, then if they decide to sign up for a recurring membership you can add that to their account immediately. Just select the proper start date when adding in the membership to ensure they are not billed until they have completed their On Ramp program.

Can I change a member’s membership auto-renewal status without canceling their membership?
If you allow auto-renews to be edited in the Admin you will be able to change a membership status without canceling the membership.
1. Check the ‘Enable Editable Expirations’ checkbox on (within?) ‘Affiliate Settings’.
2. After changing your settings, go to the ‘Billing’ tab on the member’s profile and click ‘Change’ next to the membership expiration date.
3. Here you can check or uncheck the auto-renew checkbox.

How can I set up a member to be paid for by another member?
1. Go to the ‘Billing’ tab on the profile of the member being paid for and click ‘+ Add Membership’.
2. Enter the paying member’s name at the top of the ‘Add Membership’ form in first field ‘Paid by’.
3. From here add the remaining membership details.

I have a duplicate member, how do I get rid of the extra profile?
Go to the profile of the member you wish to remove, click ‘edit member information’ on the profile tab, and check the box at the top that says ‘archived’ and click save!
This will remove them from the drop downs on the search bar on the admin side as well as the class check in screen. To access or unarchive any of these members, simply go to Members > Other Member Lists.

How do you set up a one-time purchase of a “membership” to a member?
You can easily create a ‘prepaid membership’ by charging the member upfront and choosing the membership duration (e.g. 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, etc.).
If you are trying to create a one-time payment for just one month, we suggest setting it up has an attendance pack.
You can choose the number of member attendances (e.g. 30) and set it to expire after one month.

How can I create a new rate for a membership without raising the price for existing members?
You can edit your current memberships and uncheck the ‘Active’ box.
Simply by unchecking the ‘Active’ box, which renders a membership ‘inactive’, you remove the membership from the drop-down options when setting up a membership plan.
All of the members with a preexisting membership will be grandfathered in.
You can add new memberships as you wish. Naming new memberships the same as the existing ones will not affect them, but we advise using different names for a new memberships to avoid confusion.

What Membership Attendance Options does TRIIB offer?

Here are our attendance options:
1. Strict Weekly
With this option, there is no week-to-week carryover of attendances.
For example, if I have a 3x/week membership and attend only two classes one week, the classes do not carry over to following weeks.
2. Flexible Weekly
With this option the number of attendances is based upon the total number of weeks in a month.
For example, July 2015 has five weeks. If a member has a 3x/week membership plan they would be able to attend fifteen classes in July 2015. There is week-to-week carryover, so a member could reach their limit by attending fifteen continuous days of classes, and would be no-repped (?) upon future check-ins.
3. First of Month to End of Month
With this option the number of attendances is based upon the understanding that there are four weeks in a month.
From the 1st of the month until the end of the month, a member with a 3x/week membership would be restricted to twelve attendances. There is week-to-week carryover, so a member could reach their limit by attending fifteen continuous days of classes, and would be no-repped (?) upon future check-ins.
4. Start of Billing Period to End of Billing Period
With this option the number of attendances is based upon the understanding that there are four weeks in a month.
Starting on the first day of their billing period until the last, a member with a 3x/week membership would be restricted to twelve visits.
If the billing period started on the 7th of the month, visits would be counted from the 7th of the month through the 6th of the following month. There is week-to-week carryover, so a member could reach their limit by attending fifteen continuous days of classes, and would be no-repped (?) upon future check-ins.

How do I add a recurring membership discount?
To add a discount to the system:
1. Click ‘Memberships’ on the left side navigation bar
2. You will see more options drop below
3. Click ‘Add New Discounts’- here you can add the new discount.
4. Now when setting up a membership, you can choose the discount that has just been created.How do I add and assign a punch card/attendance pack to a member?

Attendance Packs

How do I set up an attendance pack?
Attendance packs are set up and sold through the store. This is because it is considered a one time purchase and is not a recurring membership plan
The first step is to click ‘Store’ on the left menu in Triib. Then ‘Add Attendance Pack’.
From there fill in the information fields required. If you would like the punch card to expire after a certain date, you can fill that in. Or if you’d like it to expire from date of purchase you can do that in the last entry field.
If you would like to have this punch card available for sale on your Sign Up page, there is a check box for that as well. (Your sign up page can be found by going to Triib Settings > Triib URLs > Kiosk then clicking on the New Member Sign Up button).
Once the attendance pack is created, go back to Store > View Store and click “Add to Cart’ on the attendance pack.
After clicking ‘Checkout’ you will be taken to the screen where you can choose which member you’d like to assign the pack to. You can also change the price or put in a discount from this screen as well.
Once you type in the member’s name you have three options. ‘Add to Monthly Invoice’, ‘Charge Credit Card Now’ or ‘Member Paid Cash’. Any of these actions will then add the Attendance Pack to the member’s account.

How do I add an attendance pack for someone that is paid for by someone else?
1. Charge the attendance pack to the paying member.
2. Click ‘Transfer’ on the pack itself- this will allow it to be transferred to a different athlete.

Can I see how many attendances a member has left on their attendance pack?
The Attendance Pack Report will show you the status of each attendance pack.

Can I have two members share an attendance pack?
Yes, Using the ‘share attendance pack’ feature
1. Add the attendance pack to one of the members profiles
2. Click ‘Edit’ on the attendance pack within the member’s profile- on the edit page they can share the attendance pack.

Kiosk Store
View the Kiosk Store Setup Tutorial Here

How do I add store items?

There are two general types of products in the store: products that have attendances associated with them and products that do not.

Products such as attendance packs, training sessions, and coaching will all have attendances. Products including water, t-shirts, and snacks will not.

To create products that have attendances associated with them:

1. Click ‘Store’ on the left navigation bar.
2. Under ‘Store’ click ‘Add Attendance Pack’- here you can create the attendance pack/training sessions/coaching sessions as you like.

To add a regular store item such as a t-shirt:

1. Click ‘Store’ on the left navigation bar.
2. Under ‘Store’ click ‘Add Products’- here you can add the item as you wish.

Why aren’t my products showing up on my kiosk?

You will need to make sure that you have your Kiosk Collections set up first. These serve as folders to organize your products on the kiosk store. Once these are created (Store > Kiosk Collections), simply go back to the products (Store > View Store), edit the product and highlight the collection it should belong to towards the bottom of the screen. This will then add that product into the collection.

How do I create and assign vendors?

To categorize your products into vendors (e.g. Fuel for Fire, Progenex) you will first need create new vendors.

To set up a vendor:
1. Click ‘Vendors’ underneath ‘Store’ on left navigation bar.
2. You can assign vendors to your products by going to your store and editing the product.

How can I delete an item from the store?

Rather than delete an item, you can ‘discontinue’ it. This removes the item from the store display and will not affect invoices that already contain that item.

Payment Processing

What are TRIIB’s processing fees? (ACH/Credit)
For credit cards, the rate is 2.9% + 30 cents
For ACH, the rate is 1.5% + 30 cents.
There are no other fees for credit card processing.
We do not charge a fee for:
Failed charge transactions
Monthly Gateway Processing
Monthly or Quarterly PCI Compliance

How can I tell if a member’s credit card went through?
To see if a credit card has processed, simply check if the member has an unpaid invoice that is past due.

Why don’t failed ACH/bank account payments automatically try to process again?

Bank account payments have a $1 fee for every failed transaction, whereas CC failures do not have a fee. If an ACH fails, (e.g. because of an invalid bank account number) it should not be retried.
Automatic retries on ACH cannot be enabled, as these transactions work differently than credit card transactions, and should not be automatically charged.
To prevent overlooking a failed ACH payment you can use the Alerts feature to receive notifications on your cell phone and by email.
To access and set up alerts:
1. Click ‘Messaging’ located on the left navigation bar.
2. Click ‘Alerts’- by doing so you will not miss a failed payment.

How can I verify a bank ACH?
There are new regulations for ACH processing that have been implemented by the processing company. Two small deposits are made into a member’s bank account, both of which need to be entered into the member’s profile at the bottom of the ‘Billing’ tab.

How do I add a proration, or a one-time discount?
1. Set up the membership as usual.
2. Find the ‘Discount Next Payment’ feature on the right side of the ‘Billing’ tab- there you can apply the proration.
3. Enter the number of days in the month that have already passed.
For example, a membership begins on August 1st but the member is not actually starting until August 14th.
Enter the number ’13’ into the ‘Discount a number of days’ field.

How can I waive the Drop In fee on the Kiosk?

Click the ‘Paying by Cash’ checkbox and it will eliminate the need to add a credit card. Please note that this will create a $20 cash paid invoice on their account. If you would like to remove that (i.e. waive the fee completely), go to the invoice and issue a $20 refund.

How do I mark an invoice as ‘paid by cash’ or ‘paid by check’?
To mark an invoice as ‘paid by cash or check’:
1. Open the invoice and scroll to the bottom.
2. Click ‘Mark Invoice as Paid’.
3. Enter a check number or leave it blank- this will indicate that the member paid in cash.

How do I set a default payment method?
If a member has multiple forms of payment on file, such as a credit card and a bank account, you can easily set one to be the default on their profile:
1. Go to the member’s Billing tab.
2. Select either the Credit Card or Bank Account tab
3. Click ‘Set As Default’ on the appropriate tab.
When charging someone for a purchase via the store point-of-sale system, you can choose the payment method if you are charging them immediately instead of adding it to their monthly invoice.

Are there any fees for switching to daily deposits?
Nope! There are no fees associated with switching to a more frequent deposit schedule.



Here is breakdown and explanation of holds:

1. If a member asks for a hold during a time frame they have already paid for, essentially asking for a refund, we do not do anything with the hold during that specific time frame.

For example, we do not move billing dates or extend membership plans, we do nothing to the already paid time frame.

If you would like to issue a refund, you would do so through the ‘Discount Next Payment’ feature by removing an amount from their upcoming membership payment.

2. If a member goes on hold during a period of time they have not yet paid for, we will automatically prorate their unpaid invoice for the duration of the hold.

For example, take a member whose billing day is on 4th of the month:

On July 4th they paid for the full month of July, then requested a hold from July 20th through August 20th.

In this circumstance, nothing will be done automatically for the time frame of July 20th through August 3rd because it was already paid for, however, the member can request a a refund.

In another circumstance, the hold is from August 4th (billing day) through August 20th.

The August payment is prorated, so they will only be charged for the August 20th through September 3rd period.

The August payment will not be charged until August 20th, the date their membership comes off hold. This way you can easily extend the hold if they request (e.g. on the 15th) and not have to worry about refunding them for the period they already paid for. On Sept 4th the normal membership payment will be due and they will be charged.

If you need to make any changes to a hold or remove one from a member’s account, please email to do so.

Schedule and Class Check In

Why is my schedule disappearing?
When affiliates are set up, schedules have a three month lifespan. If you are happy with your schedule the end of three months, please let us know via email ( and we will take care of making it permanent for you.

A member forgot to check in! Is there a way to manually check in members?

Yes! You can manually check in members for past classes
1. Go to your dashboard and click ‘Class Check In’.
2. Find the appropriate class and enter the member’s name.
3. Click ‘Add Member to Class’.

How do I embed my schedule?
Below are two different views that can be embedded in your website:
You will need an iframe to wrap the embedded link, see an example below:
<iframe id=”blockrandom” name=”iframe” src=””); width=”100%” height=”600″ scrolling=”no” frameborder=”1″ class=”wrapper”></iframe>

How do I take a member off a class list, once they have RSVP’d?
Members that have RSVP’d for a class can be removed from the ‘Class List Dashboard’ page.

What happens when a member exceeds the class limit?
When a class if full, new RSVPs will be put on a waiting list. In the event of a cancellation, the first member on the waiting list will be moved to the reserved list and so forth.

When using the mobile app on a smartphone, I went to the RSVP section and tried to RSVP for a class but instead it checks me in for the class. Why?
This is because the class does not have a size limit on it. If a class has no size limit, it will automatically check you into the class versus RSVP’ing for the class.



Liability Waiver

When will my athletes fill out their waiver?
The waiver can be filled out from a few different places. The first is during the signup process.
Hopefully you use your Kiosk page to have new members sign up or drop-ins to fill out their info and pay. You can locate your kiosk URL from Triib Settings -> Triib URLs. Once the new client fills out the initial information page, they will be taken to the waiver to sign.
For existing members who have not signed their waiver there are two ways to have them sign. The first is to pull up their member profile on your Admin Triib Account. From their profile tab there is a button on the right hand side that says ‘Sign/Update Waiver Form’. You can click on that to have them sign from your computer if they are with you.
You can also look under Reports -> Members Missing Waivers. At the bottom you have the option to send the waiver to any of those athletes via email for them to fill out on their own time.

How does the waiver work?
One of the first things we have you do is set up your liability waiver. You can find this from Triib Settings -> Liability Waiver on the left hand side of your Triib account. From there you are able to enter in the text of your waiver. Please note that you do not have to leave any spaces for information like Name, DOB, Emergency Contact, etc. This is all taken when the client initially creates their profile in Triib. You can however add questions to your waiver (do you smoke, do you have a history of heart disease, etc) by using the ‘Add Waiver Question’ button at the top of the screen. We provide the signature box at the bottom, so you do not have to leave space for that.

Personal Training

How Does Personal Training Work?
Each coach has their personal training rate which you can set on their profile. Just go to the ‘staff info’ tab on their profile and set that under the staff details field. You can also set what percentage of PT sessions they are paid out once billed. From there here are the steps to schedule:
Click Staff then schedule personal coaching
Fill out the required fields for the date/time/coach/member.
You can either bill them immediately, or if they have an existing PT pack on their account you can pull a session from there.
PT packs are set up by clicking store -> add personal training pack. These are much like attendance packs as they need to be set up and charged through the store to add to a member’s account.

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