Build & grow your TRIIB

Simple and Powerful. TRIIB’s intuitive features will save you time so you can focus on your passion and develop even stronger relationships with your members and staff.

Analytics Dashboard

Gives an overview of top-level information: current membership, check-ins, daily revenue, and failed payments.

Automatic Billing

Save time on managing athlete accounts with monthly automatic billing.

Attendance Tracking

Track which classes athletes attend and never lose revenue with our “No Rep”.

Automated Emails

Use auto emails and your email list to market events and show client appreciation. You can also receive and send information regarding birthdays, failed payments, and upcoming payments.

Class Calendar

Allow athletes to see which classes are available, who’s coaching, and who has already signed up.


Want to sell products online or even overseas? We have the tools to quickly get products onto your customer’s front step.

Membership Management

Membership contracts, membership plans, and payment details all in one location.


Accurately pay your staff every time with the ability to track both coached classes and private sessions.

Personal Coaching

Whether a private on-ramp or intense private WOD schedule. Track 1-1 sessions with your athletes.


Sell your gym’s gear or products without the use of paper money by using your phone or kiosk.

Retail Products

Mange your inventory and receive auto alerts when products reach a specific number.


Generate multiple reports containing the important information and details you need to run your business better.

Performance/WOD Tracking

Tools to track all your fitness progress including traditional daily WOD recording, personal training sessions, and custom designed challenges.

Event Management

We have handled over 800 competitions of all sizes. Generate more revenue running your own throw downs.

Class Scheduling

A recurring class scheduling feature plus easy coach and program assignments shared to your website.


Contracts and Waivers

Electronic contracts and waivers stored on member profiles.

Drop in Sales

Waivers and fees can all be done efficiently before they ever step foot in the door.

Prospects Management

Get leads, categorize, and communicate automatically – free class, next steps…



View the day’s top community scores on the website, digital whiteboard, or app, all with community commenting.

Mobile Apps

Class viewing and registration, profile management, product purchases, member alerts, community blog, and commenting – all from the apps.

Website Integration

Your Triib Class Calendar, Workout and Triib-integrated Member Blog, Upcoming Events, and Lead Generation are easily integrated into your website.

Digital Whiteboard/Screens

Show the class wod, the day’s results, and members registered in a class all in the BOX on your big screen.

Member Community

Triib platform integrated blogging is available on your website, from the app, and in the box. Post member results of and comments on the day’s performances.

Kiosk App

Self-service class check-ins, product purchases, and process drop-ins.



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