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What To Look For When Hiring A Nutrition Coach For Your Gym

Hiring a nutrition coach at your gym can be a great way to increase revenue for your business. Unfortunately, many gym owners make the mistake of allowing one of their fitness instructors coach their members on nutrition in an effort to save time or money. You wouldn’t hire someone lacking the proper education to train your members on fitness. So why would you let anyone other than a certified nutrition coach, nutritionist or registered dietician train your members on nutrition?

Allowing uncertified staff to coach nutrition at your gym can be a huge liability and risk to your business. There are rules and regulations (see below) regarding the legality of what nutrition advice can be offered and by whom. That’s why you must make sure to you’re hiring a nutrition coach with the proper certifications, experience, and skills. We recommend the following five areas to evaluate potential nutrition coaches for your gym…

4 Things To Consider Before Implementing A Gym Dress Code Policy

If you’re a gym owner you may have considered implementing a dress code policy at your gym before. Many gyms and fitness centers today are known for having either a lax dress code policy or none at all. Just walk into any CrossFit, Spin, or Yoga studio for example and you will likely find shirtless, sweaty bodies abound. However, there are many other gyms that do have dress code policies. Furthermore, some gyms have stricter rules or enforce their dress code policies more than others. So how do you decide if a dress code policy is right for your gym?

SNEAK PEEK: Triib’s New Mobile App

We’re excited to share a sneak peek of the new Triib Mobile App design that will streamline your business efforts and impress your members! We’ve added new features that will make for a great user experience that will allow you to connect with your clients outside of the gym like never before! The release of our new mobile app is slated for launch this October!


If appointment booking is an essential part of your current business, or if you're interested in upgrading revenue growth through this channel, get ready for Triib Appointments, appointment booking for fitness and wellness professionals. We've found that many gym...

How To Get New Members At Your Gym Without Offering Discounts

Whether you’re ready to open your doors as a new gym owner or you’re trying to build your curent member base, getting new members can be quite the mission. While you may be tempted to throw out offers or discounts on membership packages to get those new members in your doors, it’s possible to get new members without offering discounts.

The Ultimate List Of Fitness Business Podcasts

We’ve compiled the ultimate list of fitness business podcasts for fit biz entrepreneurs, coaches and trainers focused on owning and running a gym or studio, or a remote or personal training program below for you.

Why And When To Run A Nutrition Challenge At Your Gym

Whether you want to increase revenue, attract new members with additional services or enhance your current member satisfaction rate, running a nutrition challenge at your gym can be a great way to accomplish your fitness business goals. Before you dive in, be sure to consider the following aspects for why and when a nutrition challenge might be a good venture for your gym.

Letter From The CEO Of Triib

The past 18 months have been an amazing phase of growth for Triib – none of which would be possible without you. While we’re halfway into the year, I believe it’s important to share a brief snippet of 2018 in review and then update you on all we have in store for you for the second half of 2019!

Why Your Gym’s Walk-In Experience Matters More Than You Think

Gym owners are always looking for a way to save time while improving or maintaining a strong member experience.  After all, a smooth and seamless member experience will drive your business forward. But where to start? Identifying the friction points, or points of interaction, between your gym and your members can give you great insight into where to focus your effort for improvements.

Announcing the new Tribe Method Podcast

We’re excited to announce the launch of our brand new podcast “Tribe Method: A Podcast For Gym Owners” hosted by Triib’s Head of Marketing, Evan Bartus. The show features in-depth conversations with gym owners and fitness industry leaders on everything from industry news to business tactics and more!