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TRIIB Challenges Overview

Our goal here at TRIIB has always been to simplify your administrative tasks to allow you to spend more time doing what you love: helping others. Now with TRIIB Challenges, we have created yet another way for you to simultaneously grow your business and community.

What is a Challenge? A Challenge is a simple way to engage & motivate your members to work together to achieve a set of daily/weekly/monthly tasks that you assign. The details of your challenge are entirely up to you. Maybe the challenge is to eliminate sugar for 30 days, or maybe it is a bit more broad. For example, maybe you ask your members over the span of your challenge to follow the Paleo diet, check into class 4 times every week, drink 64oz of water, and complete 1,000 walls balls. Now you can set all of this up in TRIIB at no additional cost to you. Registrants will be able to log their daily and weekly progress from their TRIIB profiles so that throughout the lifespan of the Challenge tracking progress is uncomplicated. With the registration process similar to that of TRIIB events, this gives you the power of setting up a fee associated if you choose to.

TRIIB Challenges


  • Define the purpose and target.
  • Supply the information and tasks associated to reach the goal.
  • Set realistic and attainable expectations that will lead to success!


  • Daily, weekly, and overall task assignments.
  • Encourage good habits for the long-term.
  • Encourage results in a time frame that makes sense with the goals you set!


  • See how close you are to your goals with percentage-based task completion.
  • Leaderboards to see where you stack up against peers.
  • Achieve measurable change.

Why Run a Challenge?


Community Engagement

  • Interactive leaderboards for member to member communication.
  • Help your members share ideas and strategies.
  • Watch as your members come together for a common purpose.


Member Education

  • Introduce guidelines for a healthier lifestyle.
  • Teach your community the correlation between the choices they make and the effect it has on them both physically and mentally.
  • Expand your member’s knowledge of how to reach their desired goals.



  • Let your members hold each other to the rules of the challenge.
  • Spend less time checking in with athletes and more time facilitating conversations amongst themselves.
  • Encourage relationships rooted in integrity.

What’s the End Result?


Positive Change

  • Achieve measurable change.
  • Watch as short term tasks become long-term habits.
  • Develop confidence to continue to set goals and smash them!


A Stronger Community

  • Harvest lasting friendships within your community.
  • Generate healthy competition between members.
  • Share success with friends.


Member Retention

  • Affirm your member’s trust in your ability to help them reach their goals.
  • No third-party facilitation needed, keep your members coming to you for help!
  • Show them the endless knowledge you have to offer.

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Nutrition Challenges at ONE Nation have been the kickstart people need to simultaneously
change their nutritional lifestyle and meet other members of the gym. It bonded people in their
struggles so they didn’t feel alone, and provided the motivation & structure
everyone needed to adopt a healthier diet.


Erika Snyder

Head Coach CrossFit ONE Nation Waltham,
L-3 Certified CrossFit Trainer


There is no doubt that running a challenge with TRIIB has nothing but upside
& progress for your gym community. The functionality is straight-forward with graphs,
points, and leaderboards that keep your members engaged and excited. With endless
potential for revenue generation and community engagement, TRIIB Challenges are a
great tool for you to grow your business, attract new members and
strengthen your overall community.