Know Your Numbers

TRIIB gym management gives you the tools to analyze, track, and improve your gym’s health.


Size Matters

All gyms begin at the same number zero. Use your Membership Change History Report to track your growth and Membership Breakdown reports to see which membership has seen the most sign ups!

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The Price Is Right

Pricing strategy differs greatly by various gyms and customer types however it is arguably one of the most important metrics to get right. In TRIIB, you can track the revenue performance of specific memberships as well as attendance or personal training packages.

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Understand Your Members

How engaged is your community? Do you know which classes at your gym have the highest average attendance? With TRIIB’s class attendance reporting you get the necessary insight you need to see which of your classes is under or over performing. You also have performance tracking tools to measure each of your member’s progress.

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TRIIB has streamlined my business and daily tasks. Everything is covered, from walk-ins to complex programming and billing data, it’s all wrapped into one system. It’s a must for any box owner!

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