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Run Your Gym

Go beyond the basics of billing, classes, appointments & check-ins (of course that’s also included) and truly streamline your business operations with one centralized platform. Get the insights you need to plan & execute your business’s next big goal.

Lead Your Community

Rally an engaged fitness community around you and turn members into fans. Expand your business and bring people together by hosting your own integrated events & challenges. Make health & fitness just the beginning!

Drive New Growth

Use clear & simple reporting to discover what’s working. Try new offerings to find where your next growth phase will come from. With Triib’s powerful tool suite,  driving value for your members AND your business has never been easier.

Switching Made Simple

Adopting new software can seem daunting. Especially if you have years of member data! At Triib, we make sure it’s as easy as possible! With a dedicated onboard and support staff, you’re covered the whole way!

Oh – we also have our Customer Promise to uphold, so there’s absolutely ZERO startup costs. 

Answers to Your Questions

What if I must transfer member data?

We pride ourselves on no-hassle onboard experience. Your dedicated onboard manager helps throughout the entire process, ensuring your data is as complete as we can get it before going live.

Will my gym memberships and classes remain?

Of course! For a seamless transition, we make sure both unchanged from your previous setup!

What if I have A LOT of questions?

During the sales & trial process, our sales team has your back! During onboarding, your dedicated onboard manager will be your #1 go-to for all answers and resolutions!

How long will the process take?

Short answer: as long or as little as you’d like. Typically anywhere from a 3 – 10 days depending on the size of your gym!

What if I don’t love the platform?

We’re not in the business of trapping folks. If you don’t love Triib, for any reason, you can simply cancel. No fees. No contracts.

Is my data secure?

Absolutely. Your privacy and data security is a top priority of ours. We protect your info every step of the way.

76 Summer St, Suite 520 Boston, MA 02210