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A Growth Engine for Combat Sports Gyms

Your community and your business are now at your fingertips.

Simply Powerful

Whether you’re just starting out or operating multiple locations, our all-in-one software will help you build out your offerings (and reputation!) from class-based to personal training to running your own seminars, competitions, and challenges.

With a best-in-class membership management system, Triib will power your gym well beyond the basics of class scheduling and member billing.  It’s designed so you can grow your gym, your way.

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Speed Up

Get out from behind the computer with set and forget memberships  that can auto-update in the future. Use quick-view dashboards to get the info you need, resolve any member alerts, and follow your business progress over time. All while being able to easily edit weekly class schedules, RSVP’s & waitlists. Triib has you covered and molds to how your business runs!

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Excite & Engage

Boost member retention by getting interactive. Announce personal bests and welcome new members! Turn customers into raving fans with workout leaderboards and monthly competitions. Or, shake it up during slower months with nutrition and fitness challenges!

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We switched over to Triib gym software and I was initially worried about the transition, leaving a system I knew. Your team was so amazing and everything was so smooth. We love your gym management software!

Scott Starr

CIC Fitness

Triib helps me stay on top of my business & manage it effectively. Our gym just runs much better with Triib gym software.

J.C. del Real

Owner & Coach ONE Nation Fitness

Using TRIIB has really helped our gym manage the day to day nuts & bolts which is critical. TRIIB’s online communication tools & app has allowed our gym community to really connect & build deeper relationships which is truly priceless. TRIIB is an awesome gym management solution.

Judd Xavier

Owner & Coach / CrossFit Silicon Valley
becca voigt

TRIIB makes managing gym memberships so easy. I can focus on building relationships with our Training Yard gym community in person rather than being stuck in front of a computer. TRIIB is a wonderful gym management solution.

Becca Voigt

Owner & Coach / Training Yard

Your To-Do List Just Got Shorter

Handle your business smoothly and efficiently with the Triib platform.

Gym Management

Easy quick-view dashboards mean there’s one central place for all your key insights and member data.

Mobile & Tablet

One universal mobile app ties it all together. Create seamless experiences for your members & staff. Manage classes, get social, track workouts, and more!

Performance Tracking

Track member progress & personal bests. Set benchmark workouts, coaches notes, and celebrate accomplishments!

Lead Management

Custom member flows for Trial-to-Membership converting. Communicate your value at every step of the process and grow your membership!

Membership Management

Attract more members and diversify your revenue streams with custom plans, attendance packs, and 1-on-1 coaching sessions. Run promotions, set discounts and mold the platform to how you do business.

Integrated Events

Build your reputation and influence by running in-house seminars, competitions or challenges – all seamlessly integrated into your platform.

All-Inclusive Tools

With all Triib plans you also get an industry-leading tool suite to excite your members and grow your reputation!

Engine by Triib

Our innovative membership management; designed to maximize revenues & automate the busy work. It’s the heart of Triib and is what powers gyms worldwide.


Host competitions, seminars, and group instructionals by age or experience level. Use discount codes and record shirt sizing all from one seamless signup!


Connect outside or inside the gym. Fitness & nutrition challenges are the perfect way to build your reputation while attracting new customers!

Switching Made Simple

Adopting new software can seem daunting. Especially if you have years of member data! At Triib, we make sure it’s as easy as possible! With a dedicated onboard and support staff, you’re covered the whole way!

Oh – we also have our Customer Promise to uphold, so there’s absolutely ZERO startup costs. 

Answers to Your Questions

What if I have to transfer member data?

We pride ourselves on no-hassle onboard experience. Your dedicated onboard manager handles the entire process for you ensuring your member data is complete and accurate before going live.

Will my gym memberships and classes remain?

Of course! For a seamless transition, we make sure everything remains unchanged from your previous setup!

I will have questions. What if I have A LOT of questions?

During the sales & trial process, our sales team has your back! During onboarding, your dedicated onboard manager will be your #1 go-to for all answers and resolutions!

How long will the process take?

Short answer: as long or as little as you’d like. Typically anywhere from a 3 – 10 days depending on the size of your gym and your schedule!

What if I don’t love the platform?

We’re not in the business of trapping folks. If you don’t love Triib, for any reason, at any time, you can simply cancel. No fees. No contracts.

 Is my data secure?

Absolutely. Your privacy and data security is a top priority of ours. We protect your info every step of the way.

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