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Revolutionize Your Fitness Studio with Xplor Triib for Effective Wellness Programs

Discover why Xplor Triib is a Game-Changer for Functional Fitness Businesses Creating and managing

Ready to Embrace the Total Wellness Approach?

How to Incorporate Total Wellness into Your Functional Fitness Studio As a fitness studio owner or

The Rise of Health and Wellness Studios

How to Capitalize on the Total Wellbeing Trend for Your Functional Fitness Studio One of the questi

Unlocking the Power of Total Wellness

Unlocking the Power of Total Wellness The Three Benefits of Adding Total Wellness Programs into You

Best Ways to Increase Member Engagement for your Gym or Fitness Studio

How to Improve Client Retention and Your Fitness Business’ Bottom Line If you’re starting to
two women at gym talking about gym plan

Improve Member Engagement for your Gym or Studio

  Understanding Why Members Disengage It's something that all gym and fitness center owne
Xplor Triib has partnered with NCFIT

Invest Your Time Where It Matters Most

At NCFIT, we understand what it takes to build a financially successful gym business. For a deca

Marketing Made Easy

Marketing is often one of the activities that gym owners know they need to really pay attention to,

Three Easy Ways to Increase Memberships by Converting More Prospects

When you think about marketing your gym, your focus immediately goes to attracting new clients. Yo

Manage Your Time, Grow Your Gym: 3 Processes You Can Automate to Save Time and Fuel Growth

Connecting with gym members authentically is essential for growth. To separate yourself from the

The Best CrossFit Software to Save Time and Improve Member Engagement

As a gym owner, you’ve likely felt like you have too much to do and not enough time to do it a

Virtual Client Engagement with Challenges

Whether your gym operates in-person, hybrid, or online, client engagement should b

The 5 Most Used Business Models For Personal Training

When it comes to personal training businesses, the model for making money (and delivering value) is

What To Look For When Hiring A Nutrition Coach For Your Gym

Hiring a nutrition coach at your gym can be a great way to increase revenue for your business. Unf

3 Things You Must Investigate Before You Buy A Gym For Sale

To buy a gym for sale, or to build one from scratch, that is the question. There are, of course,

4 Things To Consider Before Implementing A Gym Dress Code Policy

If you’re a gym owner you may have considered implementing a dress code policy at your gym befor

How To Effectively Set Gym Membership Prices

So, you have a vision—you want to open a gym. Well, there will be a myriad of decisions you need

Triib Appointments

If appointment booking is an essential part of your current business, or if you're interested in u

How To Get New Members At Your Gym Without Offering Discounts

Whether you’re ready to open your doors as a new gym owner or you're trying to build your curr

The Ultimate List Of Fitness Business Podcasts

Want to learn how to grow or manage your fitness business better but can’t seem to find the ex

Why And When To Run A Nutrition Challenge At Your Gym

Whether you want to increase revenue, attract new members with additional services or enhance your

Letter From The CEO Of Triib

Dear Triib Community!   First and foremost, I would like to thank you, your staff, and your

Why Your Gym’s Walk-In Experience Matters More Than You Think

Gym owners are always looking for a way to save time while improving or maintaining a strong member

Announcing the new Tribe Method Podcast

The Triib team is excited to announce the launch of our brand new podcast "Tribe Method: A Podcast

Relaunch of The Triib Kiosk

At Triib we’re focused on making the gym owner's day-to-day easier and optimizing business opera

4 Considerations When Implementing A Nutrition Program At Your Gym

Implementing a nutrition program can help grow your business and benefit the health and wellnes
Equipment Essentials: What-To-Buy-Now-And-Later-When-Outfitting-Your-Gym

Essential Gym Equipment: What To Buy Now (And Save For Later)

Equipment costs are a business expense that can certainly add up for a new or growing gym. It's

Insights On Opening A CrossFit Affiliate In 2019

The CrossFit Affiliate model has seen a continuous trend of growth and expansion since its ince

Add Value To Your Gym With A Nutrition Program

No matter how often you work out, if your diet is lacking in nutritional value, you’re less likel

Forward Looking For Affiliate Owners: Membership Demographics

As a CrossFit Affiliate Owner, you're likely familiar with the young, buff, 'kool-aid drinking' Cr

Forward Looking For Affiliate Owners: CrossFit Health

It seems as though CrossFit Affiliate Owners everywhere are debating how the recent changes in the

Fitness Business Success Guide | Part 1: How To Keep Score

Successful gym owners know the importance of tracking metrics for their fitness business. As a gym

Attract More Members To Your Gym: 4 Proven Strategies

In a recent survey we conducted, over 50% of gym owners viewed "Attracting more members" as one of

Why You Should Still Run The CrossFit Open At Your Gym

On February 5th CrossFit® released a statement announcing the start of 2019 Open and the alter

4 Ways To Grow Your Gym By Offering Nutrition Services

As fitness professionals, we know that exercise and diet go hand-in-hand. So why is it that so m

What Gym Owners Need To Know About Music Streaming Apps

  Whether you're a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, or CrossFit coach, you want you

5 Retail Tips To Increase Revenue At Your Gym

Selling retail items at your gym is one of the easiest ways to increase your revenue. You can star

Triib Launches New WOD On The Waves Mobile App

We are happy to announce the release of the WOD On The Waves (WOW) Mobile App--Powered by Triib. W

Why Virgil Green of Greens Athletic Performance Uses Triib

We at Triib believe at the heart of any successful business is an engaged, collaborative, and supp

3 Tips For Gym Growth In The New Year

It’s no secret that the new year is a flurry of activity in the fitness industry. Giving some ca

How To Overcome Growth Challenges In A Competitive Fitness Market

As a professional in the fitness industry, you've probably taken note of every gym, studio, and Cr

6 Reasons To Sell Gift Cards At Your Gym

Gift cards (or gift certificates) always make for a great holiday gift; easy to purchase, suits

CrossFit Gift Guide For Coaches And Gym Owners

  The holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year to let the special people in our l

How Successful Fitness Businesses Market On Instagram

Instagram is without a doubt one of the most popular social networking apps today. The visual natu

3 Reasons to Drop-In to a CrossFit Gym When Traveling

Whether you're in a new city, country, or part of the world entirely, chances are pretty good that t

2018 Black Friday And Cyber Monday Gym Equipment Deal Guide

  We've put together the ultimate roundup of the must-see Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

Triib User Community First Look: Kiosk

At Triib our purpose is simple: to connect, empower and inspire healthier humans. We believe that

3 Reasons Why Triib Is Awesome for My Gym

We at Triib believe at the heart of any successful business is an engaged, collaborative, and supp

6 Points of Reliability Your Gym Software Must Have

Selecting software for your fitness business is a big decision. There are many factors to consider

Building A Great Gym Community Through Events

At CrossFit Rail Trail we believe in community first. A great gym culture is built on relationship

Why You Should Sign Up For A CrossFit Competition As Newbie

New to the sport of CrossFit? Still trying to figure out what all the movements are, and what all th

In Software We Trust: Choosing The Right Partner For Your Gym

Becoming a successful gym owner in the fitness industry requires building a certain amount of trus

ACH Payments: Then and Now, But More Importantly Why it Matters

“If only we knew then what we know now”…wait, scratch that. We knew processing fee’s for A

Top 10 CrossFit Competition Essentials to Pack

Getting ready to put your fitness to the test at a local competition? Here’s what you’ll need

Five Key Elements of a Coach Development Program

You might feel like you don’t have time, amongst all of the other things you have to do, to spen

How Coaches And Owners Can Alleviate CrossFit Intimidation

When I first started CrossFit, there was no need to overcome CrossFit intimidation because there w

How to Develop an Intern Program for Your CrossFit Gym

  In my last post, I talked about some of the ways that you might bring a new coach on to your
crossfit groupon deal

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Running a Groupon Deal at Your Gym

To Groupon or not to Groupon?--That is the question. At least it seems to be the question that flo
CrossFit Coach

Coach Growth: Hiring Inside And Outside of Your CrossFit Box

When it comes to hiring potential coaches at your CrossFit box, candidates can be grouped into thr
running crossfit competitions

The Pro’s Guide To Running a CrossFit Competition

Running a CrossFit competition is one of the best ways to grow your member-base, it can also be a
switching to opex fitness

Why we became an OPEX fitness gym

Contributing writer, Inaki Roza, Owner at OPEX Condesa This we year we transitioned from a gr
creating multiple revenue streams-01

Creating Multiple Revenue Streams & Why It Will Save Your Gym

If more than 80% of your gym's revenue comes from group training classes, your fitness business
CrossFit Workouts For Beginners

The 10 Best CrossFit Workouts For Beginners

Whether you're just getting started with CrossFit, want to try a few CrossFit workouts on your own

How To Price Gym Memberships To Scale And Win

Understanding how to price gym memberships at your location is one of the most important decisio

Starting a Podcast at Your Gym – A Beginner’s Guide

If you're considering starting a podcast for your gym or fitness business you've come to the right
Gym Growth Guide - Part 4 - member retention & creating a thriving gym culture

Growth Guide | Part 4 – Member Retention & Creating a Thriving Gym Culture

Part 4 is written by Bill & Karianne, owners at CrossFit Morristown and industry experts in

10 Awesome CrossFit Costumes For Your Halloween WOD

  It's that goulish time of year where legends are born. If you haven't completed a muscle up
Gym Growth Guide - Part 3 - Grow your gym breaking through to new growth

Growth Guide | Part 3 – Breaking Through To New Growth

  Whether your Box has been open for 5 days or 5 years, the goal to grow your gym member
Gym Growth Guide - Part 2 Getting Your First 50 Members

Growth Guide | Part 2 – Getting Your First 50 Members

Part 2 is written by Robby Blanchard, owner at Rx Business coaching and gym owner of Blanchard
Gym Growth Guide Part 1: Opening A CrossFit Gym

Growth Guide | Part 1 – Keys To Opening A CrossFit Gym

Big thank you to Mat Frankel, Owner of CrossFit City Line for his expert insight: --------------
How to build & grow your affiliate gym

Growth Guide | How To Build & Grow Your CrossFit Gym

How To Build & Grow Your CrossFit Gym   Join us for an in-depth look at best practice
Switching Gym Software And Never Looking Back

Switching Gym Software: The Easy Step By Step Guide

Maybe you’ve decided your current gym management software isn’t up to par? Good. Par is just
Boost member retention at your gym

3 Ways to Boost Member Retention in Your CrossFit Gym

When it comes to running a successful CrossFit gym, it's good to look at sustainable member grow
affiliate software tools to win

5 Affiliate Gym Software Tools To Help You Win

If you manage a Box, you're probably aware of a dozen or so 'competitors'. Whether their true

The Science Behind Motivation: Want More of it? Play more.

Did you know that 45% of us drop our New Year's resolution after just a month! What's the point in h

4 Ways To Improve Your Gym Member Acquisition

As a gym owner, you need to find new audiences for the services that you offer and inbound members

Manage Your Gym Better By Doing Less: 6 Habits To Stop Now

Oftentimes, “Not-to-do” lists are more effective than to-do lists for upgrading your daily effi
crossfit fantasy challenge

Win $1 Million in Reebok’s CrossFit Fantasy Challenge

The world of CrossFit and fantasy sports have combined for a fun stunt Reebok has launched for
triib engine best member management

Triib ENGINE: Optimized Membership Management

The best member management software just got better. Managing a fitness community can be simple,

Gym Owners Guide To A Fitness Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day - A day of binge spending on items that we probably don't need, but boy does
best gym management software

3 Steps To Choosing the Best Gym Management Software

Let’s be entirely honest, nobody wants to spend tons of time looking for the best gym manage

Benchmark Your CrossFit Gym: Compare Your Gym to Industry Leading Averages

As we all know, the growth of the CrossFit industry has been nothing short of monumental in its shee
custom workout programming

Individual Programming In Triib

As the sport of functional fitness evolves, you may have a few clients who reach out for indiv
ways to grow your crossfit gym

The 3 Best Ways To Grow Your CrossFit Gym for the Long Term

By Evan Bartus 6/14/17 ⬢ 5 min Read Running promotions and finding potential new customers

Triib Challenge Participant Registration and Scoring

The Triib Challenge Setup and Configuration tutorial showed you how to create a Triib Challenge, t

Triib Challenges – Challenge Setup and Configuration

Triib Challenges are an amazing way to help build your community by having your members work togethe
triib challenges & triib events fitness challenges software header

TRIIB Challenges : Revolutionizing Community Engagement

TRIIB Challenges Overview Our goal here at TRIIB has always been to simplify your administrative ta

Becca Voigt On Member Engagment & A Great First Impression

Last month during The Open, we were lucky enough to catch up with one of our sports fiercest and