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About Us

Welcome to Xplor Triib, where fitness meets community.

Who we are

Our team of fitness fanatics, coaches, gym owners, and tech innovators believe that a successful business starts with an engaged and supportive community.

What We Do

We offer an all-in-one gym management software designed to make your day-to-day tasks easier while bringing your community together.

Our innovative technology and world-class support enable the creation of engaged fitness communities that foster accountability and supportiveness.

Why We Do It

Our aim is to help you grow your fitness studio, or gym business by providing the right tools to manage it successfully.

We are committed to building fitness communities and providing unwavering customer support, and we are ready to grow with you!

Triib Supports Our Community

Great businesses aren’t built flying solo. This is why we go beyond just providing you with a gym management software solution. At Triib, we see ourselves as partners, not just providers. From seamless onboarding to free trainings, same-day support, and account management, we go all-in to help your community succeed.