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About Us




We are a team of fitness fanatics, coaches, gym owners, & tech innovators. We believe at the heart of any successful business is an engaged, collaborative, and supportive community.
We enable the creation of engaged fitness communities by providing innovative technology and world-class support.

We designed our all-in-one gym management software to make your day-to-day easier and bring your community together.





Our purpose is simple:

Connect, empower, inspire healthier humans.

Our Roots

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Triib began out of a love of CrossFit and a distinct appreciation for the community, accountability, and supportiveness of the culture found in these types of gyms.

After having many conversations with gym owners over the course of the summer in 2012, our Founder – Michael Trosen, started recognizing glaring commonalities: nearly all these gym owners were having frustrations with the software they were using to help build and manage their businesses and communities.

This immediately struck a chord.

He knew almost immediately that this was a mission worth fighting for:

Helping gyms manage their businesses, communicate with their members, provide services for managing fundraisers, events, selling products — so they could grow their communities, their Triib.

He worked with a few of these gyms to build out the first set of system functionality, and through lots of very long hours, quite a bit of cussing, and no shortage of caffeine, he started to build something that people began to love very much.

He came to know many of the early clients of Triib personally and knew that when we discussed their businesses they were more than just a monthly subscription fee being paid to a soulless corporation.

They knew intimately that there was someone listening to their requests, fixing problems that came up, and offering up advice or best practices that we discovered along the way.

They knew that Triib understood their needs and would listen to their ideas to help understand what tools they might need to help build and manage their ‘Triibs’.

As things went, it became clear that ALL businesses that help bring a community together, not just CrossFit gyms, want to concentrate on their relationships with their clients.

It’s the lifeblood and driving force behind every successful fitness business.

The right software should facilitate this.

Business owners know that the service they provide is often the biggest bright spot in someone’s day, where one can forget about the world and everything going on for a short period of time, get in a good dose of exercise, learn healthier eating habits, and put in some sweat-equity alongside good company etc.

These businesses know they have a positive influence on the lives of each and every person who walks through their door.

That’s how we feel about our own customers too.

We’re much bigger now but some things from the early days still remain, like our vision for building fitness communities and unwavering commitment to customer support.

And so here we are, growing fast and ready for more.

If you’re out there looking for a partner and not just a platform, come join our Triib.