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Want to engage and grow your fitness studio? Trust Triib. We help build fitness communities.

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Why Trust Triib

At Triib, we know that community is at the heart of studio success and believe that no studio should have to sacrifice this in order to grow. From members to coaches, the Triib app is built with everything you need to excite your members, manage your gym and build your business.

Engage Your Audience

Keep the personal touch your members love at the heart of what you do.

Connect Your Operations

Streamline how your teams’ plan, engage, and communicate activity.

Sustain Your Growth

Utilize in-depth member data to maintain growth and sustain the community your members love.

All-in-One Functional Fitness Studio Management

A feature-rich fitness studio management app, Triib makes it simple to manage all areas of your fitness studio or gym to keep community at the core of what you do.

Automated Marketing Campaigns 

Create personalized and automated marketing campaigns to celebrate member milestones and birthdays, retain customers, and strengthen gym communities.

Appointments & Personal Training

Manage group classes and individual/small group training with ease, create customized workout and nutrition plans, and help your athletes track their progress.

Host Amazing

Create and manage events that will take your gym’s community to the next level. Invite members, share landing pages, and manage ticket sales and revenue from one place.

Program Builder & TV Display

Drive athlete motivation by displaying leaderboards in-app or on your gym’s TVs and provide personalized workouts and specialized programs for all membership levels.

Trusted globally

Trusted Globally

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Improve Member Engagement for your Gym or Studio

  Understanding Why Members Disengage It's something that all gym and fitness center owners experience—the at-risk member. These are people who you sense are disengaging from their fitness journey, from the gym community, and the gym itself. Why does it happen? When...

Invest Your Time Where It Matters Most

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When you think about marketing your gym, your focus immediately goes to attracting new clients.  You want to get as many new members through the doors as you can. As you get more new members, your business can grow even more.   The year is ending, and the January rush...

Manage Your Time, Grow Your Gym: 3 Processes You Can Automate to Save Time and Fuel Growth

Connecting with gym members authentically is essential for growth. To separate yourself from the other gyms, your style and the results you can deliver need to be front and center. But it's hard to put all your effort into this when you're bogged down by tedious—but...

The Best CrossFit Software to Save Time and Improve Member Engagement   

As a gym owner, you’ve likely felt like you have too much to do and not enough time to do it all at some point. Or, if you do finish everything on the to-do list, something gets rushed and done poorly.   Hustling is part of the game, and you may think the more hours...

Virtual Client Engagement with Challenges

Whether your gym operates in-person, hybrid, or online, client engagement should be a top priority. Regardless of the marketing and sales benefits, client engagement promotes community and helps reinforce accountability. Virtual client challenges are a great strategy...

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When it comes to personal training businesses, the model for making money (and delivering value) is the most important thing to clarify. A model represents one or more of the unique ways you can interface with clients to generate profit. Scaling this type of business,...

What To Look For When Hiring A Nutrition Coach For Your Gym

Hiring a nutrition coach at your gym can be a great way to increase revenue for your business. Unfortunately, many gym owners make the mistake of allowing one of their fitness instructors coach their members on nutrition in an effort to save time or money. You wouldn’t hire someone lacking the proper education to train your members on fitness. So why would you let anyone other than a certified nutrition coach, nutritionist or registered dietician train your members on nutrition?

Allowing uncertified staff to coach nutrition at your gym can be a huge liability and risk to your business. There are rules and regulations (see below) regarding the legality of what nutrition advice can be offered and by whom. That’s why you must make sure to you’re hiring a nutrition coach with the proper certifications, experience, and skills. We recommend the following five areas to evaluate potential nutrition coaches for your gym…

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