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The all-in-one CrossFit software that flexes with your business

Say hello to the CrossFit management software that does the light work and the heavy lifting— so you can create custom-tailored fitness experiences as unique as your gym.

Software as functional as your fitness program

Designed for CrossFit facilities but able to flex to effortlessly manage classes, workshops, personal training appointments and programming to find your perfect balance. Xplor Triib offers seamless end-to-end experiences to fit your gym’s needs.


Features that grow with your business

Whether just starting out or opening your next location, Xplor Triib offers as much or as little as you need to run your business smoothly. We work for you every step of the way. Toggle on and off features as your business grows and develops new revenue streams.

Build lasting connections.

Interact with members at every point of their fitness journey and add your own customized videos for a personal touch. Celebrate their progress with our CrossFit leaderboard software and social high-fives. Use member profiles to track member progress and encourage them to reach their goals.

Image shows example of Crossfit Leaderboard Software presented on a mobile phone
Picture of Crossfit gym management software as seen on a laptop screen

Empower your A-team.

Set your coaches up for success. Our advanced Program Builder allows you and your coaches draft workouts in advance to help them get ahead of the game. See how your members interact with your workout plans with configurable scoring types to record results how you want.

Leave work at work.

CrossFit gym management software that powers through tedious admin tasks, like managing billing, payroll, and class schedules. You can actually relax when the workday is done, not crunch numbers over family dinner.

Image of Crossfit software displaying a clients member profile on as seen by a user on a computer screen and on an app screen

Take your business to the next level

CrossFit Software FAQs 

Does this CrossFit software process payments?

Yes! The software uses Xplor Pay to process payments seamlessly. Our software is PCI-DSS compliant, and adheres to strict security protocols.

What pricing plans does this CrossFit management software offer?

Xplor Trib offers annual or monthly billing for 3 tiers of pricing based on features that are included.
View pricing plans

What support does Xplor Triib’s software provide?

The Xplor Triib team is here to help you whenever you need it. Reach out directly to, or search our Knowledge Base for answers.

What types of devices can support the CrossFit app software?

The Xplor Triib App is available in the Google Play store and in the App store for Android, iPhone, and iPad users.

Does Xplor Triib have CrossFit Leaderboard Software?

You’ve got it! Xplor Triib has all the features you need to keep your CrossFit box in tip-top shape, including leaderboards.