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Hi Everyone!

One of the most requested improvements lately has been the ability to update your coaching schedule in an easier and faster manner.   We’ve just released a new update that does just this!

Prior to this update, changing your coaching schedule around was a bit time consuming and tedious as you had to edit each class by going into the full class details in schedule section of your TheBoxHQ Admin.

The update we’ve just released will now have a pop-up window show you who is currently coaching a particular class that you click on, as well as have the ability to change and/or add additional coaches to that class.  The following image is an example of the pop-up window for updating the coaching schedule for a class:

Update Class Coach Pop-Up




To save your class coaching changes, click on on the pop-up window ‘Save Changes’ button:

Save Coaching Changes Button



You’re able to see the full details of the class itself by clicking on the ‘Edit Class’ button on the pop-up window.

Edit Class Details Button



This change should make it much easier and faster for you to manage your coaching schedule.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Support Team!

Thank you!

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