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Marketing is often one of the activities that gym owners know they need to really pay attention to, but often falls to the wayside because other things take priority. As much as you want to build intricate marketing systems that shepherd all your leads down the customer journey, you feel like you don’t have the time or energy to get that process going.

Why does marketing feel so time-consuming for gym owners?

Small business owners are busy by nature. They often run the entire show and have so many things they have to worry about already, it’s hard to justify focusing on something that feels like an idea more than one big reason marketing is so time-consuming is because some gym owners don’t have automation built into their systems. Everything they do to get their name out there must be done manually, like sending emails one by one, writing social media posts on the fly, or relying on traditional marketing methods.

Whatever it is, technology likely isn’t being harnessed to speed things up. In the modern digital age, it’s time for gym owners to embrace two key tools that make their marketing easier: marketing automation and an embedded events admin.

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Marketing automation

Remember when you would cold-call free-trialers about your first-timer deals, hoping they would come in and sign up. You don’t need to worry about that any longer. Whether you’re just getting into automating workflows or want to get all the benefits out of your BMS, marketing automation has a plethora of features you can get started with today.

If you’re still learning all the ins and outs of email marketing, here’s how you can take it to the next step with marketing automation. First, you will want to set up triggered email workflows that will fire messages off after someone takes a specific action. You can build a series of email templates, and save them to go off if someone books an appointment or requests a free trial at your gym.

But marketing automation doesn’t end with email broadcasts. if you have quite a bit of experience in building marketing workflows, consider building messages for different communication methods outside of emails, including SMS messages, and in-app announcements.


We are innately social creatures; being part of an active community drives our loyalty to a brand or group. Events bring people together, and whether they’re virtual or in-person, you can’t discount the influence they have in building community.

Lots of small businesses want to host more events but require third-party software integrations that cost more out of your pocket per month. Instead, you need embedded events that exist as part of the platform you use for everything else.

Luckily for you, Xplor Triib has a brand-new events feature included on all plans—for free. Market your events easier than ever by using events set up, promotion, and management tools integrated into your BMS. This saves time and improves your visibility into event performance.

Smart gym owners know they can offer a more engaging, more personalized experience if they find ways to shave time somewhere else. Marketing automation and embedded events features are two significant ways to save time here, so you can focus elsewhere.

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