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Xplor Pay +
Xplor Triib

Process payments seamlessly and securely with Xplor Pay.

Xplor Triib and Xplor Pay (Clearent) have come together to offer you embedded payment processing in the software you love.

Many fitness business owners are working with multiple systems and databases, resulting in hours of unnecessary admin work

That’s why Xplor Triib and Clearent have come together under one roof. This fully integrated solution allows you to run your business in a one-stop shop, so you can get back to engaging consumers, growing your business, and doing more of what you love faster.

Run Payments Directly in Xplor Triib

Seamlessly and efficiently run customer payments directly in Xplor Triib mobile or web app instead of fumbling around with multiple solutions.

Say goodbye to tedious tasks

With built-in payment processing, you don’t need to re-enter transaction data. Saving you time from manual entry and human error so you can spend more time running your business.

Securely store cards on file

Safely secure customer card information so you can simplify the checkout process for future jobs and process recurring payments for service plans.

Reduce card declines with daily, automatic card updates

You don’t need to chase your customers down for updated card information. Account Updater service provides daily, automatic updates for changes to expiration dates and card numbers, as well as account closures.

Gain Transparent Reporting

Through its powerful online tool, Clearent helps you break down all processing fees so you can see exactly what was charged.

Reduce your compliance burden

Clearent’s EMV solutions use PCI-Validated Point-To-Point Encryption (P2PE) to protect your customers’ sensitive card information reducing your PCI scope.

Get Live Help, When You Need It

Expert support teams are available from 7 AM to 11 PM CT so you can keep things running smoothly no matter what.

Looking for countertop payment terminals?

Check out the certified terminals that work with the Xplor Triib integration. With benefits such as EMV chip compliance and Google/Apple Pay, taking in-person payments has never been easier!