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Implementing a nutrition program can help grow your business and benefit the health and wellness of your community. But before you make the jump, there are many factors that need to be addressed. Making sure you have systems in place and a clear vision will make the transition seamless and successful. Here are 4 important factors to consider that will help you take your nutrition program off the ground.


1. Staff

A full-time Nutrition coach is imperative to run this program effectively. Our goal is to provide our community with an experience that far exceeds what they could find from an online company. This added value comes from having a friendly face that members can interact with daily. This not only reminds them of the accessibility to the nutrition program, but also offers daily accountability. By simply knowing they will be crossing paths with their nutrition guru regularly, member “buy-in” will, indeed, increase.


2. Awareness

Educating the entire community in addition to individuals will create a buzz in clients ears. This gym-wide exposure will be seen as an added value to your members, and serve as free advertising to your nutrition program. Therefore, information should be posted in a place where members will run into it without fail. Whether this is a whiteboard in the front entryway or a website that they visit daily to see their workout, it must be convenient to access. Additionally, having this information in a place where members can ask questions will encourage more frequent engagement.


3. Space

Discussing nutrition can be very personal for clients. Having an enclosed space will make individuals who are seeking advice feel more comfortable. Whether you have a space devoted to your nutrition program, or you have designated hours when this space can be used, privacy and professionalism must be taken into consideration.


4. Accessibility

Finally, and arguably most importantly, we must make sure our nutrition coach is accessible. Allowing our nutrition coach to interact with members of the community on a casual and regular basis will create relationships which are imperative to the success of the program. Undoubtedly, having a friendly face at the front desk, or on the gym floor, is the ultimate way to create a receptive community.


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