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Triib is proud to introduce it latest community building initiative – Triib’s Community Connect.

Community Connect is an integrated communications platform across all the Triib Channels- your Integrated Website Blog, any in-gym TV Screens, and the Triib App.

Using Community Connect:

  • Coaches can program the day’s workouts and blog posting from within Triib – choosing what information will appear in which channel and how it will appear.
  • Members can post their results on their Profile on Triib, on the Web Blog, on the Triib App, and on the Gym TV screens – and the results will be saved to their profiles and reflected across the platform in the Web Blog and various Leaderboards.
  • Members can like and comment on their peers’ performances and these comments are also reflected across the platform too.

Triib becomes the center of your gym workout communications and record keeping – bringing your Triib together under one unified platform.  Simplify your programming tasks, simplify your member’s experience, build a stronger community though communications.

The following sections will outline the principal elements of the new feature set – beginning with your workout programming in Coaches Corner!

Coaches Corner

Triib’s Community Connect starts with your programming, and that resides in the new Coaches Corner tab in Admin:

  • Structure you daily programming with coaches notes, multiple workouts, kids programming, travel workouts – you name it.
  • Set up gym benchmarks and levels if you desire
  • Super intuitive monthly programming entry (based on your structure). Do a week of programming on the platform in 5 minutes.
  • Format and automatically publish your programming to your website with our new gym blog.
  • An Introduction and Setup Tutorial for the Coaches Corner is available now!

Gym Blog Page

Triib’s Community Connect continues with your new Gym Blog Page.  On this page members can see your blog post and any programming sections that are enabled to the blog.

  • Tribe now has an integrated capability to create and publish your gyms website blog.
  • Located in the Coaches Corner Tab.
  • You can create and format your blog post and programming with photos etc. as well as schedule its publishing.
  • The published post will appear on your customized blog page, where members can post (and record) their results and comment.
  • There will soon be a WordPress plugin that will allow this page to be integrated into your WordPress site.
  • A tutorial will soon be released on the blogging capability.

Gyms Screens

Triib’s Community Connect continues with the in-gym Screen Upgrades to support its functionality. Now any scores, likes, and comments made on these screens are reflected across the platform.

  • Upgrades to the Workout Description, Class Registration, and Leaderboard/Whilteboard screens to support Community Connect
  • These can be found for your gym under Triib URLs in the Admin
  • Can be accessed from any screen with internet access.
  • Class registration, performance tracking, history lookup, ranked or unranked listings of the days performances
  • A tutorial on how to set these up and use them in your gym is coming next week.

Updated Triib Apps

Finally, the communication platform continues with the Triib Apps.

  •  Their Community Connect functionality were described in a previous blog:  Introducing Triib’s New Mobile Apps.
  • The Triib Apps are constantly being updated with new features/functionality – make sure you have the latest!
  • Results and comments entered in the App for your performance (or your friends’) reflect across the platform.
  • The Leaderboard in the App reflects the performances entered for your gym from across the platform: the gym screens, the blog page, or a members profile page.

       Apple   Android


It all begins with your programming entered in Coaches Corner!  If you have not yet upgraded your performance tracking to coaches corner, you can see how to do that in the blog post: Coaches Corner: Converting from Previous Workout Tracking.  It’s easy – just one click conversion! your programming has never been easier.

So bring your Triib together under one unified platform using Community Connect.  Simplify your programming tasks, simplify your member’s experience, build a stronger community though member interaction and communications.

The Triib Team


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