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Selecting software for your fitness business is a big decision. There are many factors to consider when comparing gym management software solutions whether you currently use one or you’re making your first investment into one. Hence, it’s easy to immediately look to things like pricing and features and be lost in what’s promised. However the single most important thing you should look for in your software provider is reliability.

In order to gauge reliability when analyzing providers, consider the following aspects:


1. Dedicated Live One-to-One Demo

Don’t begin your experience shopping for software by being thrown into a group demo where you will likely have to wait around for other participants to show up before you can start, only to be rushed through a surface tour of the platform. Instead, look for a provider that you can rely on to offer a personalized demo at your convenience. Opt for real-time demoes, with a real-live human being who can understand the unique needs of your business and answer your questions.


2. Responsive, In-House Customer Support

Investigate how easy it is to access support through the provider. Find out if they offer multiple ways to contact them on their website. Furthermore, consider things like do they offer an actual support email address or just a contact form? Similarly, does live chat occur with someone who actually works for the company? Agents from an outsourced call center may not be familiar with the software and company inside and out, are generally following a script and may not be able to answer all of your questions. Make sure your provider has superior knowledge of their product and boasts a quick response time average, like less than an hour on weekdays and between 1-2 hours on weekends. 


3. Comprehensive Help Center Material

Live support is great, but what about the off times that aren’t manned by staff? Having a comprehensive and detailed resource for quick fixes and reminders of best use practices is vital. Be sure to check out the support and help center sections of the provider’s website! Look for adequate information on basic topics such as account set up, onboarding information, and how to best use the software.


4. Dependable Onboarding and Account Management

Take the time to research there will be a person to walk you through the onboarding process, and assist you in account management down-the-line. There aren’t too many things can be more stressful than making a change in your business. Make sure that the team transitioning you over to a new system is willing to not only help you in the transfer process, but also educate you on how to use the platform. Look for offerings such as tips on ease of use and tricks for those clients and staff that aren’t as technically savvy!


5. Secure Payment Processing

Bank verification is required if you’re collecting funds from your customer’s bank accounts. Verification is done to ensure the user attaching the bank account actually owns the account. Find out if the software provider offers ACH-based payments (US only) which allow customers to quickly and securely verify bank account ownership, without sharing sensitive financial data, like account and routing numbers.


6. Honest Reviews

Look for customer reviews that can attest to the reliability of the software. A good place to start is by asking fellow business owners and community groups! Check out what referral platforms have on their website and reach out to those owners, administrators and partners for more information on their experience. If you’re looking for a reliable partner, and not just a platform, come join our Triib.


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