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Crossfit silicon valley group

If you are into CrossFit and live around the central coast of California, then you’ve most likely heard of Silicon Valley Crossfit founded by Judd Xavier. This is the place where the locals meet to get their exercise fix. It is the 1st CrossFit affiliate in San Jose and was affiliated in 2008.

Judd and his team of coaches cater to about 200 members and kids are welcome too. This box really has a lot to offer any and all CrossFit enthusiast, from the newcomer to the advanced pro. The gym is owned and operated by Judd and his wife Michaela and as Judd describes it, “We love what we do and we feel like we are living the dream here.” We are proud to highlight this gym as our Triib of the Month.

Triib of The Month

Why Triib?
Before Judd started this gym, he gained a lot of worthy experience around the Bay area initially at a very high end gym where he learned a lot of the ins and outs about personal training, customer service as well as managing. After a few years learning the trade, he went out on his own and focused on personal training.
These initial experiences working one on one with his customers showed him how much his athletes appreciate his tutelage and data driven insight. Hence, choosing and switching to TRIIB was a no brainer due to its athlete friendly user interface and data tracking. He also loved the clean, colorful look of TRIIB as well as how responsive it is. He was using Wodify previously, but was sold on the reliability, wealth of features and lower cost of Triib.

The Switching Process-
As most gym owners know, switching your gym member software can be a rather anxious process. After all and as we know, there is already a ton that goes on from day to day in a gym, so downtime simply can’t be afforded. Please note that this was one of the reasons why Judd switched in the first place since his former Wodify platform simply wasn’t cutting it anymore.


“Migrating over to Triib just as any major transition can be strenuous. We saw this as an excellent opportunity to declutter, purge and build an efficient system with reliable software. The crew at Triib is very supportive and understands the struggle. In the end, it is all worth the efforts as we evolve our business utilizing tools that work so well in the background. We can focus on bigger things like relationships and community!” – Judd

The Triib team worked hand in hand with Judd to ensure that his member data, workout logs and activity ported over without a glitch. It was a seamless process and Judd was delighted as well as relieved. His confidence in Triib has only been growing since the transfer and he is very impressed with just how reliable Triib is. It’s clear to him that Triib was built to not only be fast & responsive, but very robust.

Gaining Speed, Reliability & Savings-
Some of the main features that Judd wanted from Triib were:
• User friendly class scheduling & programming – It’s a busy gym with lots of coaches and programming tracks
• Comprehensive performance tracking – Vital to have their members’ performance workout history
• A better overall experience for members and his coaching staff – User friendly interface that brings customers & coaches closer

Thus far, Judd and his gym have been very impressed with Triib’s overall performance and functionality. It’s a win-win for the coaches and the members. Additionally, with the cost savings from the lower monthly bill of Triib, this has allowed Judd to invest in more member benefits and he is still saving money on a monthly basis compared to his old gym software expenses. Hats off to this Triib of the Month and we are proud to have their support.

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