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Hi Folks!

Happy New Year!

There are some changes coming down the pipe that we are excited to share!   TheBoxHQ (owned by SportsMentality, Inc) was recently acquired by Triib, Inc (pronounced Tribe).  Bubba Hagood joins the team as CEO as a result of the acquisition.  Bubba is an old school CrossFitter and accomplished entrepreneur.  He brings an extensive amount of experience to help us strengthen your business and ours!

The software you know and love, has not changed, just the name – for now.  When you log in on February 1, 2016, you will see we are now called Triib!  Everything else you and your members experience in the software and online today will remain the same – except…

The acquisition comes with new resources and a new focus – Helping you build your Box community, your Triib!  The first new features in this focus are launching in February – Member Performance Tracking enhancements and Member’s Social Network.   We will be describing these in more detail in future communications.

With new resources, we have moved all our customers to automatic daily or weekly deposits on Stripe.  We also have a new set of  reports being released in the next couple weeks that lets you see where your deposits are coming from.

We look forward to continue working with all of our amazing clients and to make 2016 as amazing as possible for our community, our Triib!

We look forward to 2016 being the year of building our community, our Triib!


About Bubba Hagood, President and CEO, Triib, Inc

  • PhD MIT, 20+ years experience tenured faculty turned serial entrepreneur, numerous awards/distinctions
  • Most recently built & sold Pixtronix (Founder, CEO & President) to Qualcomm in 2011
  • Fitness enthusiast, 4 Times masters CrossFit Games athlete, amateur boxer and trialthelete

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