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The mobile apps have been updated to support the new community-building initiatives at Triib.

Our new Android and Apple apps drive community with a simple and intuitive interface. With them, your members can:

  • View the gym calendar and RSVP to classes
  • Check out the workout, view/comment on leaderboards
  • Post their performance, track and comment/blog about it
  • View their performance histories and lift percentages
  • Update payment information and kiosk pin
  • Update/take their profile photo

Did you know when your members download the Triib App your members’ engagement in-class, on the leaderboards, and with your gym increases? All you have to do is notify them and direct them to the app store for the updated version:

Apple on iTunes

Android on Google Play      


Top 5 reasons your members will want this new app:

  1. Ease of instantly uploading and tracking your workout metrics
  2. Integration with gym leaderboard
  3. Easily manage your kiosk profile and payment information
  4. Like, comment, and congratulate your gym buddies performance
  5. View and register for classes right from your phone

To make it easy, we have included a draft member notification email in your Triib dashboard.  You can find it from the Administrator Dashboard under Messaging/Email Templates.  The existing templates are in the bottom right corner of that screen.  Use Triib’s email push capability to send it (personalized as you like) to your membership to get them using the apps.


Guided Tour of the New Triib App

What can you and your members expect to find in our new Mobile apps?  We outline the major functions of the Apple and Android apps below.


Login, Home, and Navigation Screens

Once you login with your Triib credentials you are taken to the Home screen. Here you will find your profile picture, next payment amount, number of classes you have attended this month, and a link to the class schedule. You can upload a photo to the profile or take one with your phone by tapping the profile photo.

The navigation button appears in the upper left corner of the app. From here you can:

  • Select your gym (if you belong to multiple gyms you will have a choice)
  • Navigate to any of the functions such as class RSVP, Leaderboard etc. as described below.

Community Tools: Leaderboard and Leaderboard Comments

What gets entered in the app or your website instantly connects to your leaderboard in your app, your website, or your in-gym screen (if any).  On the Leaderboard Screen members can like and comment on other’s leaderboard posts.


Community Tools: WOD Listing and Score Entry

From this tab members can enter their scores for workouts programmed on the day selected – along with their notes on the workouts. Once the day is selected, select the workout for a given day (there can be multiple) and tap the record score button. This will give the opportunity to enter the score (Rx or not) and comments.

Member Tools: View Invoice, RSVP for Classes, Update Credit Card and Pin

In these four tabs, a member can:

  • View their current invoice as well as the detailed list of items on it.
  • RSVP to a selected class for a selected day.
  • Update their credit card information on the go
  • Change their kiosk pin (for gyms that have enabled the kiosk)

Member Tools: Viewing History, Percentages, and the Triib Timer

  • Members can view their past workout history and lifts
  • Enter a new history item using the “record score’ button.
  • In the Percentages Tab, members have the ability to view common percentages of their lifts for easy use with their programming.
  • When in action they can utilize the Triib Timer found on the Timer tab.

General Utilities: Admin and Messaging

As an administrator you can

  • View your admin dashboard to see current gym status and see alerts if any.
  • Use the “class-check in” button to:
    1. Select a class
    2. View the class list checked in, expected (RSVP’d), waitlisted (if there is a class size cap) and declined attendees.
    3. Add members to a class who may not have yet checked in. Great for class coaches.
  • In the Messaging Tab a capability has been created to accept future gym messaging features that are coming: member/member, alerts, member-coach communications etc.

Stay tuned, next week we will increase the power of the Triib Platform for you.  We will introduce the new website integration features and teach you how to integrate WOD, Calendar and Leaderboard/Blog features into your website!


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We hope you enjoy these new features and use them to help grow your gym community.

Best regards,

Bubba Hagood

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