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Gym owners are always looking for a way to save time while improving or maintaining a strong member experience.  After all, a smooth and seamless member experience will drive your business forward. But where to start?

Identifying the friction points, or points of interaction, between your gym and your members can give you great insight into where to focus your effort for improvements. Optimizing at these points in your customer/member journey have the biggest positive impact on your member experience.

One of the biggest friction points in any boutique fitness facility or studio is the walk-in experienceIt’s your best opportunity to deploy a solution that’s time-saving, seamless, and multi-functional.

Enter, the Kiosk.

Before we dive into that though, let’s first take a look at your current walk-in experience and what we’re solving for!



Defining Your Walk-In Experience

Your walk-in experience is the first 10 seconds to 60 seconds from when a person walks into your gym. Many gym owners obsess about theirs because they recognize, and with good reason, many people will walk through their doors for the first time and immediately decide how they feel.

This first impression is based on inferred judgments and it takes only 100 milliseconds for a potential new member to form an opinion. It’s an understatement to say the walk-in experience is a critical friction point in your prospective and current member’s journey.

Make this micro-window easy and enjoyable and you’ll win more business and retain more members. To maximize the experience in this window, we must have 4 goals in mind:

  • Solve Immediate Needs
  • Save Member (& preferably Staff/Owner) Time
  • Keep It Personal
  • Communicate Your Brand


Solve Immediate Needs

What’s the first thing people do when they walk in your doors? What are they looking to do and how is it being resolved. Is the front desk staff greeting them, checking them in, or signing them up? How are new faces handled? These needs must be quickly attended to.

Save Member (& Staff/Owner) Time

It’s real simple, a great solution should save everyone time.

Keep It Personal

Make the process enjoyable by making it personal. Any solution, human or automated, needs to be able to engage and acknowledge on a human-level. The power is in the details.

Communicate Your Brand

Make the process enjoyable by making it personal. Any solution, human or automated, needs to be able to engage and acknowledge on.



Choosing your Solution

A fully-staffed front desk can solve this in a 1-to-1, human way. Unfortunately, it is not always cost-effective or easy for the member to stand around and wait while someone manually assists them.

You hit on many goals for optimizing your Walk-In Experience but there’s a glaring miss in time-savings and ease of use. The Kiosk solves for the customer and hits all criteria for delivering the best member experience possible. Make sure you get one that can function as:

  • Gym Check-In
  • Gym POS
  • Gym Payments


Pulled up on a front-facing iPad or Tablet, the Kiosk is the perfect self-service multi-functional screen in one of the key friction points in your gym.

If we look at the Triib Kiosk, for example, new or returning members can get exactly what they need, in seconds.

When you have a tool in place at this friction point your customers have a better experience and you get hours back into your weeks.


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