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Mobile App Updates – Performance Tracking

We are happy to announce the next upcoming release of our Triib mobile app coming with the New Year which will have new functionality for both members and staff. We think that you and your members will find these new updates very helpful and user-friendly. As you know, we are committed to making the most powerful, intuitive and stable software platform for you, so that you can run your gyms better and more efficiently.

The coming updates for members will allow them to lookup and score past gym workouts, standard weightlifting, gymnastic, and metcon workouts, as well as the creation and look-up of member-specific custom programming.   Staff members will soon have the ability to edit and create new workouts for their gym programming via the mobile app.

Member Performance Tracking Updates

The member performance tracking updates are shown in the following screenshots:

This screenshot illustrates how your members can look up past gym workouts and score them. As you can see the functionality is very user-friendly and intuitive:


Here’s a view of how your members can lookup and score standard weightlifting workouts:


Lookup and score of a standard metcon workout:


Lookup and score of a standard gymnastics workout:


Create and score a new member-specific custom workout:


Lookup and score a past member-specific custom workout:


Staff Performance Tracking Updates

The staff performance tracking updates will include the ability to edit existing and create new gym workouts, for each of the Performance Tracking Sections for any day:

Edit an existing workout

Clicking on any of the performance tracking sections will ask if you wish to edit or create a workout for that section, or select an existing workout from your past workouts.


Editing or creating a new workout gives you the exact same parameters you are used to using in the online Admin Coaches Corner:



Again, we think you will find these coming updates user-friendly for you and your community. As always, please feel feel free to share any of your thoughts about these upcoming additions.


Team Triib

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