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At Triib our purpose is simple: to connect, empower and inspire healthier humans. We believe that community is the heart and driving force behind every successful fitness business. For this reason, we want to offer transparency to our “Triib” by revealing first-look access at where we are in the process of updating and improving our software through our private Triib User Community Facebook Group.

So, if you would like to be part of an exclusive community of fitness business owners where you can share business tips, ask questions and stay up-to-date on all things Triib, follow these 3 steps:

  1. Request to join Triib User Community Facebook Group
  2. Add the group page to your bookmarks for easy access
  3. Enable notifications in the group so you get alerted when new information is shared

And for our first trick, we’d like to offer our “Triib” a preview of the sleek new design, and new user experience of our latest project–the new kiosk!


What’s awesome about the new kiosk?

We’ve given a kick-ass facelift (hello beautiful!) to our kiosk as well as new functionality for an improved user experience. We went Live on Facebook to show off the updates to the check-in and check-out processes and answer questions (see video in the Facebook group) Here are a few of the new features we’re ready to show off:

For starters, members will now be able to purchase multiple retail items and add them all to one cart.


Additionally, multiple drop-ins can also now be added to cart together for one purchase. The new interface also features the coach’s name and avatar next to classes for members who have a favorite coach, or for anyone who would like to choose a class based on what the coach looks like (disclaimer: at this time there is no proven correlation between coaching ability and physical appearance).


Perhaps most exciting about the new check-out cart is the fact that all three purchases: retail items, drop-ins, and memberships can all be added to the same cart for one seamless transaction.


How will the new kiosk benefit me as a gym owner?

This new, user-friendly ability to add multiple items to cart will streamline check-out processes at your gym, saving time and providing your members with a positive user experience. The process is quick and intuitive, preventing your front desk area from getting bogged up with traffic and encouraging members to shop. You may find yourself needing to place a reorder sooner than you think for those sweet new t-shirts you’re selling.


Want more?

Don’t forget to join the Triib User Community Facebook Group where we will continue to release teasers and details on software updates and new features. For even more exclusive Triib insider news and information follow @mytriib on Instagram.


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