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Just last year we featured Judd & his team at CrossFit Silicon Valley out in San Jose, California as one of our Triib’s of the Month. We recently caught up with him and his team to hear how their transition has been from our standard service to our recently launched premium one to hear how they’ve been incorporating our new tools to help them build an even stronger gym community.

The biggest benefit that Judd conveyed to us when we just recently caught up with him again has been the increase in communication. He feels that everyone is really on the same page now due to the daily WODs right on the blog, the daily & benchmark leaderboards, as well as, other integrated communication features.

“Since we upgraded to TriibPremium and implemented the additional pages to our site, it’s really helped our community here get a little tighter as they now can clearly see what’s going on day to day here at the gym, as well as, plan ahead for classes, and increase their support & communication with their friends. On the whole our community just seems more engaged.” – Judd

CrossFit Silicon Valley now has a nice clean landing page for their members as well as visitors or prospects. As you can see below this new page makes everything very user friendly and accessible for any visitor. One thing we all know is that a complicated looking homepage is not user-friendly and will definitely frustrate any new visitors or potential prospects. This is the last thing you want to have happen as a gym owner or in any business for that matter. You want your homepage to be a nice reflection of your business, your brand, and be as useful as possible. This is, after all, more often than not the first page that a potential new customer sees.

Also as you can see below, they have some nice call to action buttons on this page which really help to make navigation quite simple. The coolest part of this layout and design was that CrossFit SV actually made it on their own with our new web page templates that come with our integrated sites. In case you didn’t know, essentially, we crafted a very easy to use content management system somewhat like what WordPress has. Our’s is much more friendly to use since we provide page templates and the tools are so intuitive, making this capability accessible for someone with no knowledge of building a website.

“We were really impressed with how easy it really was to use TRIIB’s site system. It hardly took us 20 minutes to make our first page with the tools which is way less time an hassle, than using a designer, a developer etc.” – Judd

CrossFit Silicon Valley definitely utilized our new tools quite well. It’s clear to see how well they customized each page and made it very easy for their members and visitors at their gym to stay informed and up to date with all of their classes and programs. As you can see below in the screenshot, his team and gym offers the daily WOD right on the blog each day and his members post their scores each day. According to Judd this is just one of the minor things that these new pages offer that has really helped to engage their community and interact with one another, because as you can see below each member can see one another’s score and is even free to comment providing your gym with additional engagement avenues. “It’s these little details with the new tools that help us a lot.”

Communication and keeping your members on the same page is, more often than not, a real challenge that every gym deals with on a daily basis and it’s clear that having the right tools and support in place is critical. Judd’s team has definitely embraced this challenge well and is a nice example for many aspiring gyms. No doubt their daily preparation, commitment to excellence and great attitude helps them a ton as well.
“The workflow with our main website and blog is so well put together with added member interaction as a benefit. With the WOD leaderboard built right into the workout of the day blog, everything is integrated and all we need to do is set up the program weekly, and drop photos which saves us so much time. We are very happy with the customer support and the system as a whole is so robust and reliable, helping us focus on our community and our member’s positive experience.” – Judd
As one can see, clearly Judd and his gym are really utilizing a lot of our new programming and performance tracking features which is what we love to see here at Triib. Our goal is to help gym owners manage their day to day business more efficiently and effectively so that they can spend more time with their members doing what they love. We understand how important your relationships are at your gym and how being able to spend more quality time with your community increases the overall quality of your service, as well as, your membership experience which we hope translates into more sales and higher retention for you.
It was a real pleasure catching up with Judd to hear how they have been taking advantage of our suite of tools to help them build even tighter bonds.
Triib Team

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