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We have released an updated income report which shows you a summary breakdown of your members’ payments for a period of time. To run the report, set the desired time period by selecting the start and end date and then click ‘Run Report’ to show the invoices that have been paid between and including those two dates.

The report includes:

  • The total number of invoices in a given time period
  • The total taxes collected
  • Gross Revenue—with a breakdown of
    • cash revenue
    • credit card revenue
    • ACH revenue
  • Total Fees and Refund
    • credit card fees
    • ACH fees
    • refunds
  • Net Revenue.

Below Net Revenue, there are pie charts listed that provide four different ways to visualize your income.

  • Paid & Pending Summary Chart.
    • This chart shows your income from the given time period broken down by Memberships, Personal Training, Attendance Packs, Events, Products and all other income. This allows you to see at a glance, how you obtain the most and least amount of income.
  • Membership Breakdown Chart.
    • This chart shows the all of the membership income during the specific time frame by membership type. This can help you understand the impact of changing memberships prices or how your income may be effected if you adjust a membership.
  • Product Summary Chart
    • Here, the products that have been purchased in this time frame are totaled and displayed amongst each other. This helps distinguish which vendor’s products have sold the most, or the least.
    • Note: If you do not have your products categorized into vendors, than this chart will not display.
  • Paid Summary chart.
    • This chart closely resembles the Paid & Pending chart, except it does not include the invoices that are pending in the given time period.

To download any of these charts, click on the icon in the upper right corner of the chart and choose the format that works best for you!

Scrolling past the charts, you will find the Membership Income Summary, the Vendor Income Summary, and the Refunds Breakdown tables.

The Membership Income Summary serves as a breakdown of your membership sales during the selected time period.

If your products have been assigned Vendors, then you can use the Vendor Income Summary to see what vendor had sales in selected time period. Note: If your products are not categorized into Vendors, than this section of the report will not display any data.

The Refunds Breakdown shows all refunds that were issued during the given time frame. This can help you identify the refunds listed in the Payment Credit Report.


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