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Becoming a successful gym owner in the fitness industry requires building a certain amount of trust. Your members entrust you to help them avoid injury, conquer negative self-talk, and protect their personal data. Whether you run a martial arts gym, fitness studio, or a CrossFit box, you’ll need to make your members feel secure in all aspects of your business in order to succeed. Therefore, fostering good rapport with your clients goes far beyond post-workout high-fives; the software you choose to manage your gym with can also make or break the trust.


Make A Good Impression

First of all, you want every interaction your clients have with each aspect of your business to be positive. The impression your members get from using your gym management software is just as important the manner in which they are greeted at the front desk. Therefore, the reliability of your software, or lack thereof, is a direct extension of your capabilities as a business owner.

Think about it. Your members probably interact with your software more often than they do with you. The first thing your client does when they enter your gym is check in using your software. Each time that client pays for a class or membership online they are interacting with your software. Furthermore, they may also use your software to track their performance. It is your responsibility as a gym owner to ensure your members that each time they enter their personal information it is being kept secure.



Build Your Reputation

When you fail to provide security for your clients, it can be damaging to your reputation and therefore, impact your business. In contrast, by choosing a software with a trustworthy track record you can help grow your business. Many say that your gym markets itself through member experience and word-of-mouth. Choosing trusted software gives your members confidence in you gym and as a result, positions you as a capable gym owner with a reputable business.

In conclusion, consider this, if you can’t stand behind something as fundamental and far reaching as the software you chose, how can you expect your members to trust and stand behind your business? Furthermore, when analyzing service providers, ask yourself if you trust your own personal and financial information with them. You certainly don’t want to offer a service you wouldn’t use yourself.

Providing trusted and valued service is the foundation of Triib. We’re not just a service provider, we’re your partner, and our clients can attest to that, “I can’t say enough good things about the software — in the month that we’ve been using it, I already feel like we’re providing our customers with a more professional experience, as well as for us on the management side.” –Ashley Loyer, Owner, Iron + Mortar.

See why gym owners like Ashley trust Triib by contacting us to book a quick and informative demo with a member of our team.


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