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No matter how often you work out, if your diet is lacking in nutritional value, you’re less likely to see results. However, it’s critical to the success of your business that your members see results. Offering nutrition at your gym is an added value that will help your members reach their goals. Plus, the more value that you provide, the less likely your gym is to become a revolving door. Additionally, nutrition services create a new revenue stream for your business. Above all, time is money to both you and your members. Adding nutrition to the menu at your gym will help your members save time, and help you make money.


Furthermore, due to busy lifestyles and the option of fast food, many of us tend to lean toward convenience. For example, anyone can easily google nutrition advice. However, is the internet the best source of nutrition information? Probably not. In the same way that you wouldn’t encourage your members to look up fitness advice online, you wouldn’t want them to do that in regard to nutrition either. Additionally, a major problem with online nutrition programs is that they are standardized and lack personal accountability. This is why a dedicated, in-person nutrition specialist at your facility is huge. Besides, having a nutritionist on staff will allow for a dedicated person to run and organize nutrition challenges at your gym.


When your members are exposed to nutrition regularly, the nagging thought of addressing their diet can become a reality. They will gain value in the ability to seek nutrition knowledge from a trusted professional, at a place where they feel comfortable. As a result, you’ll further earn their trust and therefore their business. Furthermore, following a diet that is not under the supervision of a professional while working out intensely can be a dangerous combination. For this reason, providing consultations with an in-house nutritionist can also ensure safety at our gym.


Making your gym a one-stop-shop for both fitness and nutrition will not only bring value to your members, but it will also set you apart from other facilities in the area. Similarly, adding nutrition services to your menu of offerings will bring value to your community at large. In conclusion, adding nutrition to your services can help grow your gym and provide value to your members. As a result, you’ll be able to deliver a range of services that keep your members coming back and keep your gym in business.


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