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Just in Time for the Holidays


We’ve launched an update to our Gift Card feature that has added an additional level of functionality, account credits.  This update will make the whole Gift Card process much easier for you and your members. So be sure to spread the news to your members especially with the Holidays which are right around the corner!

The functionality for account credits works in the following manner:

  • Somebody purchases a gift card online via the online Gift Certificate Purchase page (You can find your unique link in the Admin under Triib Settings -> Triib URLs)
  • A new alert is sent to the admins of your gym, and the Gift Card count will update on your Admin Dashboard.
  • The Gift Card Report (click on the Gift Card Count on the Dashboard) will give you the information for who purchased the gift card, how much was purchased, as well as the notes that the person purchasing the gift card put in when they purchased the gift card.
  • On the Gift Card Report, there may be older gift cards that were purchased before this new update was released.  You can convert those older gift cards to the new gift card functionality by clicking on the ‘Convert to Gift Certificate’ button.
  • You can determine how you want to have account credits handled for your members, either automatically deducted or manually deducted.  This is a setting in your Triib settings (Admin -> Triib Settings -> Edit Affiliate Info).
    • Setting this option to ‘on’ will automatically deduct any available account credit when a person first has the gift card applied to their account, as well as when any products or items get added to that members invoice.  This will be 100% automatic until the members account credit balance reaches $0.00
    • Setting this option to ‘off’ will require that a staff member apply the account credits to a members invoice manually.


A set of screenshots that lead you through this process both as a purchaser of the gift card as well as a staff member in your gym, are below:

Affiliate Setting – Auto-deduct Account Credits


Online Gift Card Purchase

Purchaser goes to your online gift-certificate purchase page (Look in Admin -> Triib Settings -> Triib URLs for your unique link)


Online Purchase Complete

Purchaser will receive an email receipt of their purchase and can also print the information from this confirmation page.


Admin – Dashboard – Gift Cards

You will receive multiple alerts when a gift certificate is purchased online, and the Gift Cards section on the top of your Admin screen will update with the additional gift card count.  Clicking on this Gift Card count will bring you to the Purchased Gift Card Report!


Purchased Gift Card Report

The purchased gift card report will indicate to you which form of account credit handling you have set.  This setting defaults to Manual Handling.  It will be either Manual Deduction (The DEFAULT)



or Automatic Deduction:


Crediting a Gift Card to a Member

To credit a gift card to a member, simply click on the Apply To Affiliate Member button.  This will open a new screen, asking you to lookup the member you wish to assign the gift card credit to.  This gift card credit will be applied to the members account credit.


Members Invoice – Before Credits

The following invoice is an example of a member’s invoice prior to any account credits being applied to it.  Please take note that the account crediting will handle invoice items with taxes appropriately.  This means that if an invoice item is taxed, but that invoice item’s price is adjusted due to an account credit being applied, the tax on that invoice item will also automatically adjust.


Automatic Credit Deduction

Automatic credit deduction means exactly that, as soon as an account credit is available, it will immediately remove as much of the member’s payment due amount to that credit, either until the account credit is depleted or the outstanding amount due is zeroed out.   This can be seen in the following screenshots:

Account Credit Reflected on Member Profile. Notice that an amount has already been deducted from the $250.00 gift card credit that was just applied to their account.  This is because, as noted in the unpaid invoice above, they had an invoice with a balance due.  The automatic credit deduction zeroed out this invoice, and left the remaining account credit to be utilized when additional items are added to their account in the future (again, the credit process will be 100% automatic when additional items are added.)



Invoice after Automatic Deduction  Notice the invoice amount is $0.00.


Manual Credit Deduction

Manual credit deduction (the default setting) means that regardless of how an account credit is applied to a members account, that credit will only be deducted from a member’s amount due by manually crediting an invoice with any outstanding credit amount.

Account reflected after gift card was applied to account.

Notice that the account credit balance is the same as the amount of the gift card that was applied.


Manually Apply Account Credit

You manually apply an account credit by going to a member’s Billing page, and in the Account Credit Available section, enter the amount of the credit you wish to apply, as well as a description as to why you’re applying the funds.  The system will not allow you to apply more than the available credit a member has on their account.



Invoice after manually applying $100 to their upcoming payment.



Account profile indicating the remaining account balance after applying the credit to the member’s invoice.




We hope this updated functionality helps you and your gym continue to prosper into the Holiday season!


The Triib Team!

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