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We at Triib believe at the heart of any successful business is an engaged, collaborative, and supportive community. We’re here to champion fitness communities by providing innovative gym management technology and world-class support. We’re very proud to announce our newest Ambassador, Adam Neiffer–Owner of CrossFit Fort Vancouver, who loves Triib software and and truly embodies our belief in community.


My name is Adam Neiffer. I have owned and operated CrossFit Fort Vancouver in Vancouver, WA for 10 years. Over the course of the last decade, I have seen firsthand the growth in literally every aspect of CrossFit. In our affiliate, we use Triib as our gym management platform. I like Triib for a lot of reasons. Today I’d like to share three of my favorites.

1. It Works

Have you ever heard the classic CrossFit-naysayer argue that CrossFit is just a fad? It’s been a few years and a few thousand new affiliates since I’ve heard that too, but we know that it’s just not an accurate statement. Why? It’s simple. CrossFit works. It is remarkably effective in helping people achieve a higher level of fitness and in turn, a better quality of life.

CrossFit-Adam-NeifferTriib is like CrossFit: it works really, really well. I don’t know any CrossFit affiliate owners out there that do what we do because they love the admin side of gym management. We are passionate about helping people through improving fitness. Effective member management plays a vital role in allowing us to do what we love. We choose CrossFit in part primarily because it works. We want the same from our gym management platform. In my 10 years in the business, Triib is hands down the best system that I’ve found.

Whether it be billing, scheduling, staffing, tracking, messaging, or reporting either from the member or the admin side, the Triib platform is equally simple and effective. Their onboarding and training process is fantastic, but the Triib interface is so intuitive that it’s enjoyable to explore and easy to implement. Triib’s functionality makes it seem like it was designed for CrossFitters by CrossFitters. Turns out, that is exactly the case and brings me to the second reason why Triib is an awesome fit for Crossfit affiliates.

2. The People are Awesome

As an affiliate manager, there are few things more frustrating than a platform that does not do what you want, when you want it. One of them is the inability to communicate with a real person to work out a solution. That won’t happen with Triib.

First and foremost, the team behind the screen with Triib “gets it.” They do CrossFit, they own and manage CrossFit gyms, and they know and understand the ins and outs of a successful CrossFit operation. The Triib team has designed a platform specifically tailored to meet the needs of a CrossFit affiliate. It’s simple and it works.

Triib-TeamShould a question or concern ever come up, the Triib support team is an absolute pleasure to work with. Communication is always prompt, professional, efficient, and effective. No more sitting on hold hoping for a real person that actually knows what they’re talking about to pick up and no more emails sitting unanswered for days on end. I love that Triib is simple and it works, but I also love the fact that there is a fantastic team of people ready, willing, and able to provide assistance anytime.

Because Triib has been built from the ground up to serve affiliates by people who know CrossFit, the Triib team also understands that each and every gym is unique. Like our fitness, the needs of the affiliate vary by degree. The Triib team is constantly working to improve and evolve their product to serve those needs. For that reason, affiliate managers are valued as an important part of Triib’s pursuit of constant improvement. Feedback is welcomed and encouraged as a vital part of the process.

3. Awesome Event Management

We already know that Triib is awesome for the day-to-day operations for CrossFit affiliates and that the Triib support team is awesome to work with. The third reason I’d like to share about why I love Triib is a bit more specific. Organizing and managing events may not be a part of the everyday experience for members or managers, but when you need it, Triib’s event features are awesome!

People start CrossFit for the fitness. Once they get some fitness, many keep doing CrossFit thanks to the community. Our community of happy, humble, hard-working people is one of the elements that makes CrossFit so unique and so effective. The community at an affiliate is something that separates good gyms from great ones.

CrossFit-Fort-VanCouverOne great way to cultivate community in the CrossFit affiliate is through gym gatherings and special events. CrossFitters like exercising together, but they love getting together outside of class even more! While gym events can add great value to the member experience, they can also present a daunting task to plan and execute.

Triib is an invaluable tool for streamlining event management. Whether it’s a simple sign-up for a gym workshop, a potluck, fundraiser, nutrition challenge, or even a full-scale competition, Triib has a user-friendly template to facilitate it. Since both members and managers are already set up in the system and familiar with the Triib platform and app, gym events are a breeze to organize!

Being a CrossFit coach and affiliate owner is a dream career. Along with my team, I love having the opportunity each and every day to make a positive impact on every individual that walks through the doors of CrossFit Fort Vancouver. Our mission is to help people make their lives better through fitness. Triib helps us carry out that mission. It makes managing the gym smooth, efficient, and enjoyable. Like CrossFit, Triib simply works. It’s awesome!


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