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Whether you’re in a new city, country, or part of the world entirely, chances are pretty good that there’s a CrossFit gym nearby.

If you’re wondering whether or not it makes sense to do a drop-in when traveling – consider these points:

  1. You never know what new tips and tricks you’ll pick up
  2. Breaking a sweat… just feels good
  3. You won’t find better local intel

You never know what new tips and tricks you’ll pick up

I can’t stress this point enough. We can get so bogged down by the “familiar,” both as athletes and as coaches. Are you used to the same old warm up, the same drills, even the same types of programming styles?  (Are you maybe even a bit bored by them?) Nothing shakes off the cobwebs and inspires new passion in CrossFit quite like dropping into a box and learning something new. Some of my favorite stretches and warm up methods have come from other coaches at other affiliates. And taking the time to drop-in when I travel allows the opportunity to bring something new to my box at home.

For athletes – maybe there’s a mobility technique you can share when you get home. For coaches – maybe it’s a new cue or a way to approach a teaching moment from a new angle. Regardless, you won’t ever learn anything new unless you put yourself in the position to do so. So check the CrossFit Affiliate Map and see what’s around.


Breaking a sweat just feels good

This probably isn’t news to you – it’s probably the reason you CrossFit in the first place. But remembering this when you travel can mean even more when it comes to making the most out of your trips. Are you traveling for work? Dropping into a new gym can be the perfect way to clear your head and de-stress so that you’re ready to focus on the business tasks at hand. Traveling for fun? If your trips are anything like mine, they’re probably filled with indulgences hand-over-fist. What better way to earn your calories and feel good about some well-deserved cheat meals? Drop in for a quick one-hour session and don’t sweat the treats that likely go hand-and-hand with a well-deserved vacation.


You won’t find better local intel

CrossFit gyms are some of the friendliest spots around. People are typically ready to introduce themselves to you and ask where you’re from and why you’re traveling. So if you’re looking for any intel on local hot spots – there’s no better place than a box to get suggestions from likeminded folks on where to go and what to do. This is a bonus for people traveling solo – since it can sometimes be tough to find lots of information on how to make the most of a new city when exploring as a party of one. Don’t be afraid to ask around – the local athletes will likely be a good source for the best places to eat especially.


Regardless of your reasons, you’re not likely to regret dropping to a box while traveling. And if you do, remember these pointers:

First off,  it’s always better to alert the gym ahead of time and let them know you’re coming. Even if your plans aren’t solid – it’s better to shoot them an email and let them know you’re going to try to squeeze it into your schedule. That way they can prepare the proper paperwork/release forms and let their coaches know to expect you.

Second, if a box you drop-into is using a software management system that you’re familiar with, like Triib, you can always enter your scores into the mobile app by adding a custom workout. That way you can keep up your tracking progress even when you’re on the go!

And finally, remember that life is all about balance. If you spend a lot of your normal week making time for the gym, you shouldn’t feel obligated to get your workouts in when you’re traveling. You can always take a break! But if you’re in a new place and you’ve got the time (and you’re not doing it because you feel like you NEED to), go ahead and drop-in for a fun, new experience.


About the author:

Luke Handley