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ACH Processing – Member Setup

Triib offers both credit card and ACH (e-check) processing for US Based Gyms.  Credit cards, when they are added to an account, are able to be used immediately for processing, while ACH accounts must be verified through a verification process.

The verification process works like this:

  1. User enters their bank account information on their Triib account profile
  2. 1 or 2 bank business days later 2 small deposits will be made to their bank account.  These will be under $1.00 USD.
  3. Those 2 values must be entered into the bank verification area of their profile.  They will be alerted when they login to their Triib account if their bank account is still unverified.
  4. Upon successful entry of these verification amounts, the bank account can then be utilized for payments on that account.
  5. The user only gets 3 tries to do this correctly.  If they enter the wrong information (ie wrong deposit amounts) the bank account will be ‘locked’, and the process will need to be repeated.
  6. Admins can also add bank accounts and verify them on behalf of the user within the billing tab of the members profile in the Triib Admin.

The following screens outline how a member would add and verify their bank account for ACH processing.

Bank Account Setting Page

To access the bank account setting page, a member logs into their Triib account and clicks on the Settings tab, which brings them to their Triib Profile Settings page.   On this page is a series of tabs for various settings.  The user will click on the Payment tab, and then click on the Bank Account tab within the payments area.


Enter Bank Account Information

The member will enter the name on their bank account, their bank account routing and account numbers, and indicate if it’s a checking or savings account, as pictured below:


Account Verification Required

The bank account will enter an unverified status at this point.  Two small deposits, typically under $1, will be deposited to the members bank account within 1 or 2 business days (bank M-F, non holidays).  The member must look for these deposits to occur, make note of them, and enter them into their profile page.  The following screenshot shows what the member will see when they login to their Triib profile and have an unverified bank account:


Enter Verification Amounts

The member will click on the ‘verify bank account’ button to go to the section of their payment settings where they will enter the 2 deposits amounts.   The deposit amounts must be entered as whole numbers.  This means enter the number without the decimal (enter 45 instead of .45).   The bank account will become verified if the two deposit amounts match what was deposited to their account.   Please note that a user only has 3 chances to do this correctly.  Incorrectly entering the deposit verification amounts more than 3 times will result in that bank account becoming invalid, at which point the member will need to click the Remove Bank Account button and restart the verification process.


Successful Verification

The bank account will change to a verified state, as seen in the following screenshot, upon successful verification deposit entry.   The bank account will automatically become the default payment method for this member, and is available to start having charges processed on it at this time.



ACH processing is a great way to help reduce the amount of transaction fees you receive for online payment processing, however the proper security steps must be followed, which is why the bank account verification process must be followed.   The verification process ensures that the account is owned by the member, and greatly reduces the chances of payment fraud.

Thank you!

The Triib Team!

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