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We hope you and your community have found our all new Web Leaderboards to be valuable. This post shows where they can be found in Triib for both admin users as well as your gym members, and their functionality. We hope you find this tutorial and our new boards useful.

Leaderboards for All of Your Workouts – Below you are looking at the admin view of Coaches Corner under the Workouts tab. You can now see how your members stack up for each workout from this screen. All you need to do is click on the View Leaderboard green button to see them. We thought this would help you and your coaches stay on top of tracking your member’s progress since it allows you to conveniently view and access your member’s results.

Public Leaderboards – Below is an example of a live view of CrossFit Tuff’s benchmark leaderboards from their site. Clearly you can see each workout, scores and if it’s Rxd or scaled. We hope this promotes more positive interaction in your gyms, some healthy competition and of course some individual PRs. Please note that the other tab under Leaderboards is for your daily WOD. It works the same way and your members can even use the calendar to see results from the past if they want to.

Benchmark Leaderboards – As you can see below, there are leaderboards for each of your benchmark workouts, as well as, for each athlete division.

Member View – Below is the view that each of your members will see in their Triib accounts under their own performance tracking. As you can see, the leaderboards are easily accessible for them too. We hope that having this info readily available will create a more motivating environment in your gyms and a strong desire for improvement. Be sure to tell your members about this new feature so they can see how they stack up.

Leaderboard Type – You will also notice a dropdown under the monthly calendar for the daily WOD leaderboard that allows you to select other options for the results (i.e. only Rx, scaled or modified scores). Again, be sure to take a minute or two to inform your members about our new leaderboards.

If you require any additional assistance understanding our leaderboard functionality, then please email us at

Thank you!


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