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 How To Build & Grow Your CrossFit Gym


Join us for an in-depth look at best practices, learning from mistakes made by those before you, and the right strategy for success on your path to growing your fitness community. Whether you’re at the beginning steps or well into your first year’s, we’ll give you the steps to succeed and the pitfalls to avoid as you grow your CrossFit gym into a powerhouse.



Gym Growth Guide Part 1: Opening A CrossFit Gym

Part 1 – Opening a Successful CrossFit Gym

This covers all the basics of starting your own CrossFit gym. It includes the major pitfalls to avoid and the best things to spend your focus and energy on. You’ll get great insight into finding your initial identity as a business and what steps need to be taken to ahead of your official opening!




Growth Guide How To Build and Grow Your Affiliate Gym Part 2

Part 2 – Getting Your First 50 Members

We’re covering how starting strong is just as important as staying strong. We’ll cover the ins-and-outs of early member acquisition and some of the best practices to get your gym community off the ground. Establishing key goals and how your gym fits into your community are front and center as you discover your immediate resources for growth early on.


Growth Guide How To Build and Grow Your Affiliate Gym Part 3

Part 3 – Breaking Through the Plateau to New Growth

You’ve opened your Box and now the brand new gym smell has worn off. You’re well on your way and branching out for new growth techniques beyond word of mouth. In this part, we’ll discuss breaking through the noise to connect with new members and introduce them to your thriving fitness community with new techniques your competition isn’t using.

Growth Guide How To Build and Grow Your Affiliate Gym Part 4Part 4 – Retention & Creating a Thriving Gym Culture

Sure, keeping members is a lot cheaper than acquiring new ones. We’ll dive into the key identifiers in a GREAT gym culture and why they always win. If you don’t build a thriving fitness community, someone else will. This will give you the tools to pass along to your coaches and empower your staff by creating the most desirable member experience.




Grow your affiliate gym with the right software

There is a lot to consider when choosing your affiliate gym software! Before you spend a penny, be sure the system you’re considering these five features.

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