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Hello Everyone!

We have made a few updates to the programming creation section of Coaches Corner based upon some feedback that we have received.  The functionality is almost identical but is more flexible for allowing us to add future updates as well as making it easier for gyms that share their performance tracking between multiple locations/gyms.

The screenshots below outline the changes.  The main difference you’ll notice is that the pop-ups look and act a bit different than before.   You are also able to setup workouts based on straight weight-lifting versus metcon/other types of workouts.  This helps identify strict weightlifting only workouts from other workouts, thus allowing Triib to give your athletes a better experience with PR reports, past performance charts, etc.

There are still 2 types of sections, your workout sections and your ‘notes’ sections.   This screenshot shows that you have the ability to select 3 different choices when creating a workout:

  1. Create a new ”standard” workout.  This would be any type of workout that has multiple movements, regardless of how it is scored.  An example of a standard workout in CrossFit would be Fran or any workout that has multiple rounds and movements.  You can optionally tag movements in the workout, however those movements will only count toward a PR for that movement if there is only a single movement tagged (for example, a 500 meter row workout.)
  2. Create a new “weightlifting workout”.   This type of workout is for a single weightlifting movement.   An example would be a 1×1 Benchpress or a 5×5 Overhead Squat.  You should select the movement in the Movements section.  Please note that for weightlifting workouts you are only allowed to select one movement.  Any additional movements will be removed by Triib when the workout is saved when creating a weightlifting based workout.
  3. Select from a past workout.   This allows you to select from a past workout that you have completed at your gym.   You are not allowed to edit a past workout’s description if there have been scores submitted for that past workout.

The following screenshots show the updated coaches corner programming information.  You can notice in the first pop-up that there is a red border around the date/section that you selected, to help give you a visual cue to where you are currently editing.  The day, date, and section name also appear at all times in the pop-up header.

In the second screenshot you will see a ‘Save’ button, a ‘Previous’ button, and a ‘Next’ button.   You must save the workout/notes information before moving onto the next set of programming.  Clicking on the next or previous button without saving will result in the information you entered not being saved.  The Next/Previous buttons will move to the next or previous week if you are at the edge of a week’s programming.   You must click the cancel button to close the popup.

Please review the screenshots below.  We believe this updated functionality will make it simpler for you to do more advanced programming, some of which will be coming out in a future release (multiple round/set scoring functionality, adding videos/images to workouts, etc).

Workout Section Pop-Up


Create New Standard Workout Entry

This screenshot shows the optional fields for performance category and workout priority, which you may not have setup at your gym.  Remember to save your workout information before clicking the Next or Previous buttons to ensure your information is saved correctly.


Create New Weightlifting Workout Popup

You may only select one movement from the movements section for weightlifting workouts.  If you add more than one, every additional movement will be automatically removed by Triib when the workout is saved.   You must tag the core movement for it to reflect correctly for weightlifting PR’s.  If there are any missing core movements you would like to be added please let the Triib Support team know and we will review and add if appropriate.


Select Past Workout Popup


Enter Notes Section Information


As always we value your constructive feedback on Triib’s features, do not hesitate to let us know how we can help improve your workout tracking experience!

— Team Triib

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