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Well TRIIB’ers, it’s that time of year again! 

The CrossFit Games Open starts tonight with the release of 17.1, and the nerves can likely be felt within the walls of your gym, your social media accounts, and probably in your households as well. For the majority of us, this has nothing to do with trying to qualify for Regionals. This is a 5 week opportunity to test your fitness alongside friends, family, and people from all around the world. The Open is compiled of moments that your members may hold dear to them for the rest of their lives. I will never forget getting my first muscle up during the 2013 Open, setting a PR clean and jerk during the 2015 Open, and the sheer pain and agony that 16.5 brought with the repeat of the thruster/burpee workout from 2014. Needless to say, the next 5 weeks are very unique in their ability to generate excitement within the walls of your affiliate. If you and your members are participating in the Open, here is a way to set up the workouts as Benchmarks in TRIIB with an interactive benchmark leaderboard that will populate as your athletes log their scores.

1. Step One: Program the workouts.

When the workouts are released each Thursday evening, simply go into your TRIIB account, click Coaches Corner, then in the proper section, click to ‘create new workout’.

Fill out the required fields, and make sure to title the workout with 17.1 in some respect, then click update.

program for open


2. Step Two: Set the Workout as a Benchmark.


Under Coaches Corner, click on the Benchmarks tab. This will show you a box where you can search for the workout you just created. Type the title into the search bar, set the category (if you have this setup- not necessary), then click submit to add it as a benchmark.

set workout as benchmark


3.Step Three: Do the workout, log your score!

log your score


Once you have logged your score and clicked save, this information will populate to the daily leaderboard on the mobile app, TV screens, and desktop profile, but there is one other place….the Benchmark Leaderboard! You can locate your benchmark leaderboard by going to your front-facing TRIIB site, moving your mouse over the ‘Leaderboards’ tab along the top menu, then clicking Benchmark Leaderboard.

set workout as benchmark


Once you add in the workouts, this can be a great way to track which members performed best in the open without having to finagle the custom leaderboards on the CrossFit Games website. Because the Benchmark leaderboards are ordered alphabetically and numerically, they will order from 17.1 to 17.5 by design.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact, but most of all good luck and have fun!

Kate and the TRIIB Team.

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