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Connecting with gym members authentically is essential for growth. To separate yourself from the other gyms, your style and the results you can deliver need to be front and center. But it’s hard to put all your effort into this when you’re bogged down by tedious—but necessary—admin work.  

As a business owner, you know the admin work will never go away entirely, no matter how much you wish it would! If you can’t eliminate it entirely, you can still automate a good chunk of those tedious processes. 

Not sure what can be automated? Here are some automations we’ve found to be very helpful for small gym owners just like you.  

Why automate your gym processes?  

Well-executed automation can free up a lot of time for you, or your team members, to work on tasks that need human input and can’t be automated. Small business owners often avoid automation because they are concerned it will be time intensive or confusing to set up, but don’t let that concern steer you away from putting valuable time back in your schedule! 

Choose a software provider with easy-to-use automation, industry-leading customer service to guide and support you, and a robust help center to resolve any unexpected issues that you may have while laying the foundation for your automations. 

Automation is here to stay, and it’s easier than ever to set it up, get it going, and reap the rewards. Time for gym owners to take back their precious time, and let workflows handle your repetitive tasks from now on. Here, we show you how automation can help you and your team, by exploring three automated workflows that you can use at your gym.  

1. Send personal emails for special occasions 

Manually emailing every member for each special occasion would be a tedious and gargantuan time commitment. But you can automate this little task so that it’s done without any labor input, after the initial setup. Many gym owners get their first taste of automation with marketing, specifically, email marketing. 

With email broadcasts, you can automate confirmation emails, birthday wishes, anniversary celebrations, milestone achievements, and so many of those small moments that matter. Email has a great track record for impressive ROIs, but you can also automate SMS broadcasts if you need to send out a message for members to see right away. Did you know that 98 percent of SMS messages are opened? It might seem strange to send a mass text, or like people won’t read them, but you would be surprised how effective this method is to get emergency messages out.  

Get started: Create an email workflow for whatever the prompt is. You can set up workflows to email on someone’s birthday, after they complete several sessions, or on the anniversary of them signing up. The email can contain dynamic content fields, such as first name, for the personalized touch. If you want to get fancy, you can even create different email templates for different classes or instructors. 

2. Send an invoice email before payments are due 

As a small business owner, you can’t afford missed or overdue payments from clients; you need cash to keep the lights on and pay your team for their hard work. Mistakes happen, but you can’t afford to wait, or to deal with flaky clients. 

That’s where this automation comes in. This simple, but essential workflow will save your team from having to remember when to invoice members. It will alleviate the frustrations of delinquent payments, make for more efficient invoices overall, and put members on a regular schedule where they always know when to expect a bill to come in.  

Get started: Create an email workflow to check when a recurring payment is due and send an email with the invoice as an attachment. Your members will always receive the payment reminder on time and your team can spend time building their relationships with members. No matter how they want to pay, you’ll never have to wait and hold your breath for a late payment.  

3. Build workout programs automatically 

Your clients visit you and your trainers because of their fitness expertise. Programming is how you sell yourself as a unique option against the competition but building out workout programs and fitness regimens for clients will eat up hours of your day if you let it. 

Lucky for you, no longer do you have to let it. Our Program Builder allows you to draft killer workouts in advance and get ahead of the game. Save time with our library of the 26 most popular movements trainers use for clients.  

Get started: Create workouts in advance, drag-and-drop popular movements into the program, and have them ready to go for the next client. It takes just minutes to use Xplor Triib’s Program Builder and prep for your next client, so your coaches know what they’re training, and your clients can do workouts on their own if they like.  

Grow your fitness community—and save time while you do it 

Why waste time when you don’t have to? Xplor Triib has everything you need to attract your prospects, engage your members, optimize your operations, and grow your business. We harness the power of automation to set-it-and-forget-it, so you can focus on the important stuff. 

With seamless onboarding, free training, same-day support, and account management, we’ll make sure you’re never on your own. We’re here to help you soar, as your partner, not just a provider.  

Book a time now for a chat so you can see how Xplor Triib will help you reach your goals.  

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