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How to Incorporate Total Wellness into Your Functional Fitness Studio

As a fitness studio owner or trainer, we’re guessing that one of the most common questions you’re asked is “what exactly IS functional fitness?” Also known as functional movement or functional training, functional fitness focuses on preparing the body for movements and activities that are experienced in real life. The Mayo Clinic defines it as:

“Functional fitness trains your muscles to work together and prepares them for daily tasks by simulating common movements you might do at home, at work, or in sports.” 

This approach ties in perfectly with the rise in total wellness. This trend is on the rise in the fitness industry, focusing on people’s holistic well-being. When functional fitness and total wellness come together, there are a number of benefits for you and your members, including:

  • Increased revenue and member retention — when you diversify, especially by offering total wellness services, you become a one-stop-shop for holistic fitness
  • Improved member results and satisfaction — combining functional fitness and total wellness is a fail-safe for creating happy, loyal members
  • A boost to your competitive advantage — offering total wellness can differentiate your functional fitness studio from the competition in several ways, resulting in less churn and more revenue

In our eGuide, From Stress to Strength, we explore the importance of total wellness in fitness and explain in depth how functional fitness and total wellness complement each other. Once you’ve read it, you might start thinking about how to incorporate a total wellness approach into your offering. You do need to keep some important factors in mind. Let’s take a look at them.

Four Considerations When Adopting a Total Wellness Approach

Before you incorporate total wellness into your studio services, you need to consider the following and determine if they seem do-able:

  1. Assess your current offerings and identify areas for improvement to ensure they align with the principles of total wellness
  2. Can you invest in staff training and education to equip your team with the knowledge and skills necessary to support and guide your members in their holistic wellness journey?
  3. Are you willing to collaborate with wellness professionals, such as nutritionists or mental health experts? They provide valuable and necessary expertise
  4. Consider the space and equipment needed to accommodate total wellness activities, such as creating designated areas for meditation or relaxation, and ensuring you have the necessary equipment for diverse wellness programs

By carefully considering these aspects, and ticking them all off, you’ll be well-placed to integrate total wellness into your functional fitness studio and increase member engagement.

Four Strategies for Incorporating Total wellness into Your Functional Fitness Studio

When you decide to bring a total wellness offering on board, you need to plan. Your strategy should include:

  1. Introducing wellness-focused classes and programs that specifically target different aspects of wellness, such as yoga, meditation, or mindfulness sessions. These offerings provide opportunities for members to engage in activities that promote mental and emotional well-being alongside their physical fitness routine
  2. Integrate wellness practices into existing classes by incorporating elements like warm-up stretches, cool-down sessions, or moments of mindfulness during workouts. This helps members connect with their bodies and cultivate a mindful approach to their fitness journey
  3. Provide resources and educational materials related to nutrition, stress management, and self-care. This empowers members with knowledge and tools to make informed choices about their well-being
  4. Organise community events and establish partnerships with local wellness practitioners, nutritionists, or wellness businesses. These initiatives foster a sense of community, encourage collaboration, and offer additional resources and expertise to support your members’ overall wellness goals

By implementing these strategies, your functional fitness studio can effectively incorporate total wellness and provide a comprehensive experience for your members.

Challenges You Might Face and How to Overcome Them

Updating a business model almost always has its hiccups. Incorporating total wellness into your functional fitness studio is no exception, but you can overcome them and create a successful wellness-focused environment.

One challenge is ensuring that all staff members are aligned with the vision and values of total wellness. Providing staff training and education on wellness practices can help them understand and effectively communicate the benefits to members.

You also need to foster a sense of community and creating a welcoming environment, which isn’t as easy as it sounds. Encourage client feedback and actively listen to their needs and preferences. Regularly evaluate your wellness programs and offerings to ensure they align with your members’ interests and goals.

Managing the diverse aspects of wellness and keeping track of client data across multiple areas can also be challenging. This is where purpose-built software solutions like Xplor Triib are invaluable. By implementing a comprehensive member management platform, you can streamline scheduling, member communications, and tracking wellness initiatives, making it easier to automate repetitive processes for connecting with gym members.

Total Wellness – Enhancing Member Experience and Driving Long-term Success

By considering factors such as assessing current offerings, staff training, collaboration with wellness professionals, and space considerations, you can lay a solid foundation for a comprehensive wellness approach. Remember to continuously evaluate and improve your strategies to ensure the best possible outcomes for your members and your business. To explore this topic further and gain practical insights, download our eGuide, From Stress to Strength: Why Incorporating Wellness Facilities into Your Functional Fitness Studio is a Game-changer for Your Members and Your Business. This eGuide dives deeper into the benefits, implementation strategies, and marketing tips for incorporating total wellness into your studio.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take your functional fitness studio to the next level. Download the eGuide today and embark on a journey of holistic wellness and growth.

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