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It’s that goulish time of year where legends are born. If you haven’t completed a muscle up dressed as a T-Rex, have you really completed a muscle up? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe you should put on your superhero cape and hit that halloween WOD. Below we’re highlighting 10 CrossFit costume ideas we’ve seen that are guaranteed to add instant 30% improvements to all your scores.


1. Danny Broflex

If you don’t know, now you know. This is the lowest cost/highest return costume, a classic.

crossfit halloween costume danny broflex

(Images via CrossFit/CrossFit Warnambool)

2. Batman & Robin

Team workouts have never been better. 


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3. *music* *music* …MORTAL KOMBAAAAAAAT!

Fight gone bad in a whole new way.



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4. Cry Baby

Rowing a 5K is tough. It’s a lot worse if the person next to you is wearing this.



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5. Rockstar WOD’er

Guitar smashing the workout in style. Can you imagine the amount of sweat after working out in this leather jacket?



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6. Firefighter

Sure you could buy a cheap firefighter kit and call it a crossfit costume Or you could be an actual firefighter and burn the whole place down. (UPDATE: Apparently this was part of an aptly-timed retirement celebration! Even better!)

The roof! The roof! The roof is on fire! We don’t need no water let the mothaf@&$*# burn!


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7. Retr-Oh Yeaaa

Left foot! Now Right! One and two and One and two!

Come On Ya’ll! You got this!


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8. Richard Simmons

You’re beautiful everybody!

9. Black Swan

Toes to Bar are much easier with ballet slippers on. This is a universal truth.



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10. Lord of the Underworld

Sure people might not know exactly what you are, but thanks for making the ‘dark place’ so real for us.





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