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We have released a new report called the Associated Debit Report.  This report is available for deposits that have been sent to your account as of the first week in January (Note: this report is not available for deposits prior to this timeframe). The report is accessed through the Payment Credit Report.

The Associated Deposits, located with your Payment Credit Report, is broken into three sections:

  1. Section 1:  Deposit General Information.
    1. This includes the credit number, the date and time that the deposit was created, and the amount deposited.
  2. Section 2:  Included Invoice Detail – each individual invoice within the deposit is listed.
    1. For each invoice you can see:
      1. The member’s name
      2. the specific invoice ID number
      3. the payment info,
      4. the date paid
      5. the total amount that was collected on the invoice
      6. the total fees
      7. the amount deposited to you.
    2. At the bottom of this section, the page total (if there are multiple pages) and the overall total are listed.
  3. Section 3:   Credit Breakdown.
    1. This table shows how the deposit breaks down in regard to revenue.  It will show you the quantity and monetary amount of membership revenue, attendance pack revenue, product revenue, etc. that is included in that particular deposit. Please note: This section is in beta testing.

The information in the new Associated Debit Report can allow you to reconcile income and deposits by comparing which invoices from a given Income Report are included in a given deposit.


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