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The updated detailed income report displays a breakdown of every invoice paid or pending during a set time period. To run the report, set the desired time period by selecting the start and end date and then click ‘Run Report’ to show the invoices that have been paid between and including those two dates.

Click ‘Download Report’ to download the information. The downloaded report is formatted as a CSV file, which can be opened with Microsoft Excel, Numbers, or other spreadsheet programs.

The report includes the total number of invoices in a given time period, the total taxes collected,
Gross Revenue—with a breakdown of revenue by cash, credit card, and ACH payments, Total Fees and Refunds—with a breakdown of credit card fees, ACH fees, and refunds, and Net Revenue.

Below Net Revenue, the details of all invoices paid or pending during the set time period are listed. You can view the items of each invoice, along with the invoice total and fees amount. If you would like to view the invoice, click on the blue text that includes the invoice number and member name.

Please keep in mind that running the Detailed Income Report from the day of your last deposit to the current time will not equal the amount of your next deposit as it takes up to 2 business days for credit cards transactions to clear and up to 5 business days for ACH payments to clear. This causes some invoices that were paid before the last deposit was issued to be included on the upcoming deposit and some invoices (processed up to 5 business days before the upcoming deposit is issued) will not be included.

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