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Last month during The Open, we were lucky enough to catch up with one of our sports fiercest and most enduring competitors, Becca Voigt Miller. At the time, she was in the midst of her record 10th consecutive Open, whilst also prepping for her other role as gym owner & coach.

During our interview, Becca shared with us some of the challenges that Triib has helped her gym overcome and we hope that sharing these examples will help you. For example, she shed a lot of light on how using our platform allows her to communicate effectively with her new leads by helping her stay organized, on top of her business and being able to treat everyone who walks through her door with her own personal touch which she truly loves.

As we all know, making a great first impression is a vital step in your sales process!

Becca Voigt’s CrossFit Training Yard, opened a little over 2 years ago in North Hollywood, CA. She conveyed to us how fortunate she feels that she has been with Triib since day #1. Using an all-in-one management service has simply helped manage and grow her community at a faster pace than she could’ve without one.

“It’s really helped us that we’ve been with Triib since day one and have not had to switch services which can happen a fair amount. This has allowed us to grow hand in hand with Triib, but more important, with our community. We have captured all of our member’s performance data which is invaluable, and it’s so easily accessible. We’ve never had to use excel spreadsheets or write things down on paper, so our data is all centralized which gives us a lot of insight on each of our member’s progress. With TRIIB I can understand my gym better from a manager’s perspective. I can easily see which members are in here, which ones might need a push to get back in, and when new visitors arrive so I can welcome them properly.” – Becca


As Becca and her team are in the early stages of building her gym, she definitely likes how using our gym management software has really helped her community almost run by itself or on auto-pilot at times. For example, she owns and manages her gym’s on-boarding and welcome process for her new leads and members. She takes this operation very seriously as she realizes just how important it is for visitors to feel a warm welcome right off the bat. She likes how her visitors can easily use the online Drop-In and Free Trial forms to check her gym out for a day, and of course, the self-service kiosk lets her members check in by themselves, view the schedule as well as even purchase any refreshments post-workout.

Nonetheless, this is actually Becca’s first time starting and owning a gym. Of course, her and her husband have had to endure some long tiresome nights and days which simply seems to come with the turf, but she’s very happy how TRIIB’s tools have helped her and her team better run their daily programs. It’s also overwhelmingly evident as we listen to her just how strong her dedication & preparation are on a daily basis, as well as, her pure desire to simply do her best. She’s the real deal alright.

“It’s just all there. No need to use notebooks or anything else as all of our daily, weekly and monthly classes as well as programs are easy to see. Additionally, the app has been an enormous benefit to our coaches, not only to set up workouts, but also to really keep a close eye on our member’s performance. I really don’t know what I’d do without Triib.” – Becca

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One thing that was very clear to us during our interview with Becca is that she takes her job as a gym owner quite seriously and her dedication to each of her members is exceptional. We have a feeling that this will probably come to most as not much of a surprise. She really does walk the walk, through and through. She spends a lot of time, for example, really focusing on making sure that her visitors and potential new members feel welcome and comfortable right off the bat.

As some of us know, our sport from the outside can seem a bit intimidating. Becca really goes the extra yard to reach out and connect with her prospects. Funny enough as we were talking with her, she had to pause for a moment as a new visitor dropped in. The newcomer was able to sign up and register for a class right on her site via our online kiosk. And yes, I could hear her warm welcome as well. She is on top of her game and doesn’t miss a beat.

“It’s pretty cool that we can welcome our visitors that drop-in for a class as they utilize the new drop-in registration forms & waivers. It makes our lives here so much easier. I really like to be in control of the welcome process and I like that I can customize the emails that go out to each of our visitors. It’s a really nice personal touch and it’s such an important part of our overall sales process.” – Becca

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It’s clear from our time with Becca that daily preparation, a strong work ethic and a laser focus on treating each customer exceptionally well are paramount at her gym. It’s also evident that Triib has allowed her to manage her daily business effectively & efficiently so that she can have more time to greet new members at the door with a smile and help to instruct the daily diehards. We truly enjoyed our time with Becca I have to say, and it’s no wonder she is so highly revered in our sport. If you’d like to learn more about our lead generation and on-boarding tools, please contact us at We hope this post provided some valuable insight for you.


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