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The holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year to let the special people in our lives know just how much they mean to us. For a fortunate bunch of us, those special people include CrossFit coaches, gym managers, and box owners. What better way to spread some holiday cheer than to give back to these folks who give so much to us every day of the year? Here’s our CrossFit gift guide for that special CrossFit coach or gym owner in your life.


The CrossFit gift they will definitely use:

No doubt, most CrossFit professionals already have all the staple CrossFit gear. But you can always count on there being a few new toys released each holiday season that would light up their lives. From popular CrossFit gift ideas to more unique or personal presents, and everything in between – we’ve got you covered.

Must-Have Gifts

The biggest, most well-known apparel and accessory brand for CrossFitters is Reebok. The official sponsor of The CrossFit Games has some new items out right now that your CrossFitter probably hasn’t had a chance to get his or her hands on yet. The most sought-after gift for a male coach this year would be the Reebok Froning shoe. Additionally, Reebok has a festive holiday collection out right now which make great gifts ideas for both male and female coaches to rock while leading classes!

Unique Presents

Barbell-Necklace-Unbroken-Designs Big CrossFit brand-name apparel and accessories are trendy. But what’s even cooler, in my opinion, is getting a gift from a small company especially one that’s by athletes, for athletes like Tango Charlie Apparel, JekyllHYDE Apparel, No Surrender Gear, and Doughnuts and Deadlifts. Some brands especially for women that your favorite female coach would love to receive a gift from include Femme Royale, Fleo, Luxe Babe ApparelThe Chestee, Unbroken Designs and Mae Cargo.


A Gift for everyone on your list

Fuel-For-Fire-ProteinOne thing CrossFitters are well known for, in addition to fitness, is food. You really can’t go wrong with edible gifts whether it is a more intimate or personal gift from the heart, like baked goods, or a gift card to a grocery store. Healthy snacks and protein powders are also great food gift ideas that CrossFitters can keep handy in their gym bag like Fuel For Fire or Ascent Protein. You can also find gifts for CrossFit box dogs and lovers of four-legged friends from Wags & Weights.



The CrossFit gift that makes their lives easier:

Gym employees dedicate a lot of time to making sure that member experience with CrossFit is smooth and successful. If you’re looking for a gift to thank a coach or gym owner for all the early mornings and late nights they put in at the box, a gift that makes their lives a bit easier is the way to go.

Subscription Service Gifts

Your coach probably sounds like a broken record when they tell you to stick around before/after class to get that mobility in. But oftentimes they don’t have the time to get it in themselves. A subscription to a service like ROMWOD or GOWOD Mobility can take the guesswork out of how to tackle mobility. And sometimes “how to tackle it” can just mean how to actually FIT it into a schedule. Having a subscription right in front of them can solve that problem.


Kettle-Bell-KitchenWe’ve established that food is a sure-fire gift to your coach’s heart. You can order healthy pre-made meals from meal prep services like KettleBell Kitchen or Ice Age Meals. Alternatively, you can purchase a gift card to a meal-kit delivery service like Sun Basket – which offers a paleo option. Or you can go all out and gift them with the nutrition coaching that they’ve been recommending to clients and also wanting for themselves like RP or WAG.

Subscription Box Gifts

Barbella-BoxIf you can’t decide on what CrossFit gift makes the most sense for your favorite coach – you can give them a little bit of everything with a subscription box

  • A good subscription box gift for male coaches is the Gainz Box.
  • For the female coaches check out the Barbella Box.
  • For the sock aficionado at your gym, there’s a subscription option from Stance.
  • And for the coach who just doesn’t need any more gear – you can gift the prtnbox.



The gift for the CrossFitter who has everything:

For those CrossFitters in your life that seem like they already have everything under the sun, maybe it’s not a “thing” at all on their wish list this holiday season. Maybe they would appreciate a gift that is more experiential. These type of gifts make great group gift ideas for members or box owners to gift to their coaches.

Gift Certificates for Educational Training/Seminars

CrossFit coaches and owners LOVE continuing their educations by attending a training, seminar or course to learn more about the various aspects of our sport so that they can bring that knowledge back to their members. Unfortunately, those courses are pricey and can oftentimes require travel. A nice group gift idea for coaches is for multiple people to chip in and raise some funds for your coach and present it to them in the form of a visa gift card.

Gift Cards or Vouchers For Events

Similar to seminars – big events like the newly sanctioned CrossFit events and the CrossFit Games can be dream trips for coaches and owners. You can also group-gift this experience by pooling some money from amongst multiple people for items like event tickets or hotel and flight vouchers.

Group Gifts

A gift that’s sure to delight the owner(s) and coaches at your gym is a gym floor scrubber. Members or coaches can pitch in to get this gift that keeps on giving and benefits everyone at the gym! Coaches and owners oftentimes play the role of “marketer” in the gym as well – which means keeping the website and social media sites up-to-date with photo and video content. Phone cameras have gotten super sophisticated these days – but an actual camera can help them step up their game and drive more traffic to the gym.



The CrossFit gift that shows your appreciation:

Ever miss a week at the gym without telling your coach that you’re going on vacation? Do you get an email or a text asking if you’re OK? Where you’ve been? Coaches and owners have a way of looking out for their members and that often manifests itself in personal notes. You don’t have to spend money on your coaches to tell them how much they mean to you. A hand-written note or card that comes from your heart may be the best gift that your coach gets all year. Let them know how they’ve positively impacted your life and how far they’ve helped you come. It’s why they do what they do, so they’d really love to hear it! And last but not least, a great way to show your thanks to your CrossFit coach or box owner this year is to volunteer your time and help them tackle some projects around the gym such as wiping down equipment or organizing–they won’t forget it!


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