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The Triib Challenge Setup and Configuration tutorial showed you how to create a Triib Challenge, this tutorial will show you and your participants how to register and submit scores for their challenge goals, as well as view the overall and individual standings

Challenge Landing and Registration Pages

The public landing page for your challenge is located in your overall Events section of your Triib environment.   This page will contain all of the details of your challenge, including:

  • Challenge Event Image
  • Challenge Registration Deadline
  • Challenge Start/End Date
  • Challenge Description
  • Challenge Registration Links
  • Breakdown of all Goals
  • Link to any Challenge Blog Posts that are created and released

Challenge Detail Landing Page


Registration Pages

You may enable non-member registration or restrict your challenge to only members of your gym.  This example challenge has both non-member and member registrations enabled.   Non-members that register will be labeled as Challenge Participant, a new member status, in your Triib Admin.

Members have the option to either pay with their current credit card on file, or enter a new credit card, which will only be used for the registration fee of the challenge.   Please note that you may also setup Free challenges, which will not require a participant to enter a payment method upon registration.

Member Registration – Login


A member who wishes to register must first login to their Triib account, as seen above.  Upon successful login they will be redirect to the Challenge registration page, where they can choose which payment method they would like to utilize:

Member – Logged In – Select Payment Method


Clicking the ‘Register with card on file‘ will immediately attempt to charge their account.  It is currently not possible to choose to add the payment to their current outstanding invoice on their Triib account. Choosing the Register – New Credit Card, will bring up the following screen:

Member – Register – New Card


The member must be successfully charged before they are created as a challenge participant.

Non-Member Registration

Enabling the Non-Member Registration capability will allow non-members of your gym to register for your challenge.  When a non-member clicks on the registration link they will be asked to fill out a bit of personal information as well as enter a password for their Triib Account at your gym.  The account creation is required so they will be able to enter their goal scores from their profile and the Triib mobile app.   The registration must be successfully charged before their challenge registration is completed.  Note:  The non-member challenge registrant will also be required to sign your waiver form, if you are utilizing electronic waivers, the first time they login to their Triib account, before they are able to see their challenge details and enter scores.

Non Member Registration


Challenge Participant Profile

Upon successful registration for the challenge a challenge participant will either be directed to the Triib Login page to login to their account (non-member registration) or directed straight to their challenge profile (members who previously logged in to register).   This profile detail page contains all of the information that the participant needs to submit their goal scores as well as see their overall standings and also the ability make their profile ‘private’.

Heading of Challenge Profile


Daily Goals

The challenge daily score section, if the challenge has daily scores, is at the top of the challenge information profile page.  This section allows the athlete to submit scores for the current day, as well as go back as many days as the challenge settings allows (via the days prior to allow submission setting).   The athlete will receive daily reminder emails to submit their score if they have not submitted it by a certain time each evening.

Daily Goal Score Section


Note that there are two different types of scores for daily goals.

  • Variable Point Submission
    • This allows the participant to choose how many points they are submitting based on the criteria defined in the goal description
  • Set Points
    • This is an all-or-nothing type of score, you either accomplished the goal for that day or not

Scores for each day, for each goal, may also have a set of notes supplied for the score.  Points not submitted by the cut-off time for the challenge will automatically be awarded zero points for that goal for that day.

An athlete may view a breakdown of their daily goal history by clicking on the Daily Goal History Detail button.  Any notes that were submitted with the daily task will also show up in this history detail section.

Daily Goal History Display


Attendance Based Goal

Attendance based goals, if enabled, cannot be scored by the participant.  This type of goal is scored based on the number of class check-ins a participant has at the gym, and is scored based on the week starting Sunday and ending on Saturday.   As an example, if the attendance goal is 3 attendances per week, the athlete must check into at least 3 classes that week starting on Sunday and ending on Saturday, with the next week starting over again on the following Sunday.  Each week will show the number of attendances the athlete completed as well as if they received the goal score.

Attendance Based Goal Score11_4_AttendanceGoal


Completion Based Goals

Completion based goals can be scored as many times as the participant desires, and as many times a day as needed, each of which counts toward the total needed to complete that goal.  Points for the goal are awarded only once the total goal repetitions (or scoring type) is met or surpassed.  The current number completed, the number required to complete, as well as a percentage breakdown, are all displayed to the user above the history of their score submissions.

Completion Based Goal Example11_3_ProfileCompletionGoal

Body Composition Statistics

A challenge can ask the participant to fill out their starting and ending body composition statistics.  There are a large number of statistics that can be recorded, including but not limited to:  weight, body fat %, waist measurement, chest measurement, etc.   The stats may only be entered during a specified time frame at the beginning of the challenge and the end of the challenge, and is clearly displayed to the participant

Body Composition


Benchmark Workout

Challenges are a fantastic way to show improvement, and benchmark workouts help show this by enabling the participant to see how the challenge helped them improve on a certain task.  When a benchmark workout is being used by the challenge the athlete must submit their starting score and ending score in the challenge defined time frame.    The following image shows the benchmark workout score submission section of the members profile:

Benchmark Workout Score Submission


Public Challenge Standings

There are two sets of standings pages that athletes can view, the overall standings, as well as each individual athlete’s standings (if a participant has marked their profile as private their details will still show on the standings page, however their name will display as ‘Private’).   Likes and comments may be submitted from the overall standings page by challenge participants to help encourage their fellow participants!   The participant will receive notifications, if enabled on their Triib profile, of these likes and comments (email/mobile push notification/text message).

Overall Standings


Clicking on the magnifying glass next to a participants name will direct to the participant’s individual score information.  An athletes body composition information, if being collected, is considered private and is never published on a standings page, and is only available to the participant and the admins of the challenge.

Individual Score Details


Challenge Blog Posts

A challenge may have blog posts created specific to the challenge itself.  These blog posts are displayed on the public challenge details page for quick reference and are a great way to continue stay on top of any information the Challenge Administrators may have regarding the challenge!  Standard blog commenting (and Triib alerting) is enabled on these blog posts!

Example Challenge Blog Post


Stay Fit!

Triib fully believes in the power of challenges, which we hope you will fully utilize to keep yourself engaged in your gym community!   Coming soon will be personal challenges, where you will be able to create personal or group challenges to participate in with your friends outside of your gym organized challenages!

We love hearing feedback on how we can continue help building your Triib and Gym community, please send any feedback you feel will help build out these challenge features!

–Team Triib

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