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Triib Challenges are an amazing way to help build your community by having your members work together toward a common goal. Challenges can be administered in many different ways, and the Triib Challenges platform is flexible enough for you to be able to run as many different combinations of challenges you can imagine! The capabilities include:

  • Daily Based Goals
  • Weekly Attendance Based Goals
  • Completion Based Goals
  • Starting and Ending Body Composition Statistics
  • Benchmark Workout
  • Online Standings
  • Challenge Participant Messaging
  • Blog Posting for Community Engagement

Visit our Triib Challenge Participant Registration and Scoring Tutorial for information for your challenge participants!

New Challenge Setup

Let’s start by showing you how to setup a new challenge!  This setup will incorporate all of the functionality of Triib Challenges, however you can choose to have as many or as few of these components as you wish!

The first step is to go the Events -> Create New Event section of your Triib Admin.  Here you will see a new event type, Challenges!


Clicking on the ‘Add a Challenge’ button will bring you to the challenge setup page.  This page will contain many details that you can add for your challenge, including:

  • Challenge Name
  • Challenge Tag Line
  • Challenge Description, which also allows you to embed images and links to external sites for additional reference
  • An optional Registration Fee
  • The Challenge Registration Deadline
  • The Challenge Start Date
  • The Challenge End Date
  • Ability to restrict how many days in the past someone can submit a score for a daily scored goal.
  • Set an event image
  • Allow non-members to register, or restrict registration to only members of your gym
  • Enable body composition statistic tracking (beginning and ending stats)


Challenge Setup Option Definition

The following is a bit of explanation to some of the setup options for challenges.

  • Scoring
    • All challenge scoring is accumulation based. This means each challenge participant starts out with 0 points and is awarded points based on their scores for each of the types of goals.   The total number of possible points is determined based on the number goals you have and their max possible points, as well as any bonus points you may award at the end of the challenge.
  • Enable Non-Member Registration
    • You may restrict your challenge to only your gym members or you may enable it for anyone in the world to register, the option is yours!
  • Registration Fee
    • Setting a registration fee means that everyone that registers for the challenge will be required pay a fee to participate in the challenge.  There are 3 ways for people to register and pay:
      1. Member of Gym – Using Existing Payment Method
      2. Member of Gym – Using New Credit Card Method
      3. Non-Member of Gym – Using Credit Card Payment
    • Not setting a registration fee will still allow both non-members and members to register, however they will not be prompted to enter or select a payment method!
  • Challenge Registration Deadline
    • This sets the last day that an online registration may be made for the challenge.
  • Challenge Start and End Date
    • These dates dictate how long the challenge will run
    • It sets up the total number of points that may be achieved based on the number of daily goals you have and the total number of points they are worth.  For example, if you have a challenge with 3 daily goals, each worth 1 point, for the month of May, your total achievable daily points will be 93.
    • Enabling a Weekly Attendance goal will also use the Start and End date to determine how many weekly attendance scores are possible.  The weekly attendance goal is automatically scored by Triib based on the # of attendances you indicate in the setup, and is scored based on the number of attendances between Sunday and Saturday during each week of the challenge.
    • Completion based goals may only be scored between the start and end date of the challenge.
  • Days prior to allow score submissions
    • Setting this to a number of days will restrict the ability for someone to go back in time to add/update their scores for a day.   For example, setting this option to 3 days means that someone will have 3 days to submit their score for the goal before it is default to 0 points rewarded.

Challenge Welcome Email Setup

Challenge participants will receive a generic Triib welcome email when they register for a challenge through Triib.  You have the ability to create a custom Challenge Welcome Email using the Set Welcome Email functionality of the Triib Challenges.

This welcome email is first created in the Triib Admin -> Messaging -> Email Templates, under the Event/Challenge/Seminar Templates section.

Add Challenge Email Template

Once you have created your email template in the Messaging Email Template section, you can click on the ‘Set Welcome Email’ button on the top of your challenge admin page.  Simply select the previously created email template, and from that time forward anyone that registers for your challenge will receive this customized email!

Select Welcome Email


Challenge Setup – Goal Setting

Once the challenge is setup you will want to configure what goals you will wish to accomplish!  There are 3 types of goals, which we will now break down in a bit more detail.

Daily Goals

Daily goals require your challenge participants to submit scores each day of the challenge.  Common items that would be great candidates for a daily goal would be things such as participating in a class at your gym, eating healthy, drinking a proper amount of water, performing a set amount of physical activity each day, etc.  The daily goals can be an ‘all-or-nothing score, where the athlete gets the set score for the day if they accomplished that goal or not, or it can be a ‘variable points’ score, where they are able to choose how many points of the goal for that day they achieved.   Two examples of those goals being setup follow:

Daily Goals Setup – Set Points – All or Nothing Example


Daily Goal Setup – Variable Points Example


It is important to put a good description of each type of daily goal so your challenge participants know what they are trying to achieve.  Utilizing the Blog Post capabilities (detailed later in this tutorial) of the challenge is also a great way to keep your athletes informed on the reasons for the challenge and to further define each type of goal!

Attendance Based Goal

Attendance based goals reward your challenge participants for attending class at your gym.  You may have at most one attendance based goal per challenge.   This type of goal is tracked automatically by Triib based upon the class check-ins that your challenge athlete completes, based on Sunday – Saturday.   The points for each week are only awarded if your challenge participant completes the required number of check-ins set in the goal setup.

Attendance Based Goal – 3 points/week – 3 check-ins/week


Completion Based Goals

Completion based goals are a great way to have your challenge participant work toward the completion of a set number of items, such as completing 1,000 Wall Balls or 100,000 meters of rowing during the challenge.   The participant can submit as many scores, including multiple per day, which will all be used to accumulate to the max number of repetitions defined for the goal.  There are multiple scoring options, which include:

  • Reps
  • Rounds
  • Total Weight
  • Distance
    • meters
    • kilometers
    • miles
  • Calories
  • Minutes

Completion Based Goal Example


A completion based goal has the points awarded to the athlete upon the successful completion of the minimum number of repetitions required.  The wall ball example above will award 15 points to the athlete after they have completed their 1000 (or more!) wall ball!

Bonus Scores

There are quite a few instances where it might not make sense to have a challenge winner based entirely on the scores from the daily/weekly attendance/completion based goals.  This is where bonus scores come into play!   Let’s imagine you’re having a health awareness challenge and you want to reward the participants that see the most improved score from their starting benchmark workout and ending benchmark workout scores, or awarding the participant that has the largest body fat % loss.

Setting up a set of bonus scores allows your participants to see that their hard work will be rewarded.  Bonus scores are entered at the end of the challenge by the administrator of the challenge, and can be awarded to as many athletes, with whichever variable number of points you wish to award!

Bonus Score Setup8_1_FatPercent

Benchmark Workout

A challenge that has a starting and ending benchmark workout enables you to show measurable improvements to your challenge participants.  You may select a workout from your existing Triib Performance Tracking section and set starting and ending date parameters.  Let’s break down these settings:

  • Select workout from your programming
    • What workout from your programming are you going to use as the benchmark.  You may create a specific workout for your challenge, which is done via the Coaches Corner Programming tool
  • Start Score Submission Start
    • What is the first day that your participant may submit their score
  • Start Score Submission Deadline
    • What is the last day a participant may submit their starting score
  • Ending Score Submission Start
    • What is the first day a participant may submit their ending score
  • Ending Score Submission Deadline
    • What is the last day a participant may submit their ending score

Challenge Benchmark Workout Setup


Challenge Blog Posts

Triib has updated the blog posting capabilities of it’s platform, enabling greater functionality for member communication!  This functionality includes the ability for members of your gym and participants of your challenges to comment on each others progress, as well as allow you to put additional information beyond the setup of your challenge out to your participants!

Utilizing the blog posting capabilities is as simple as clicking on the Add Challenge Blog Post button on the top of your challenge.   These blog posts will link both on your public challenge details page as well as populate in your Triib Blog section, if you have this enabled.

Example Challenge Blog Post


Triib Admin Challenge Administration


You may view various information about your challenge participants with the various links on the right column of your Triib Challenge Admin page.  Examples of these pages follow:

Registered Users9_1_RegisteredMembers

Benchmark Scores


Body Composition Details


This information can all be utilized to help you determine who should receive bonus points at the end of the challenge!

Setup Complete!

Completing the steps above will have setup your challenge and have it ready for your participants to start registering!   Our second challenge tutorial, Triib Challenge Administration, shows how you can conduct the day-to-day running of your challenge as well as show you the various public-facing and member profile pages specific to your challenge!

We hope that you enjoy the use of Triib Challenges with your gym and that your community continues to strive and grow!

— Team Triib

Setup Complete – Points Information


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